Eagles Q&A: Britain’s Kofi talks about his famous grandfather

Each week during the 2022 season, we review the Eagles media guide to find an interesting nugget.

The Eagles PR interns do a great job filling in these little oddities in the media clues and serve as a good way to interview the player behind the helmet.

This week, we chatted with the novice receiver/returner guy, whose famous grandfather Stephen R. Covey wrote several self-help books including the bestselling Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, which has sold more than 40 million copies worldwide. .

I: How did you feel growing up and when did you realize its impact?

coffee: There were different times. We used to have, quote unquote, stove bonfires, growing up. Where he was kind of with his grandkids and kids learning about his book or principles and I always remember hating going to them because they were for so long. And now I look back and think, “If I could go back…” Because he died when I was about 15 years old. We had a great relationship but it wasn’t until after his death that I really began to understand everything he taught and wrote about. But it was great getting to know him after life, honestly.

I: Yes, that’s interesting. Because you were not an adult when he died.

coffee: completely. But I remember the first time I really realized who he was when I took a trip to Europe. I was 12 years old. And maybe six or seven different times someone would see my last name, whether it’s when we were checking into the hotel or the cab driver or something like that and they’d see Kofi’s name and say, “Like the author?” And we were in Germany and London and Paris and then I realized, “Oh my God, my grandfather was such an influence on so many people.” But everything he taught and wrote, it was. He never claimed any of these principles as his own. He kind of put them into a formula. That’s what was great about him, that he was so down to earth. He did not claim that this is my material. He just said this is something I built from what I found, which I think is a very humble approach.

I: Do you have more appreciation for her now?

coffee: at all. 100 percent. I prepared his books many times, I tried to live them. In particular, “Seek first to be understood, and then to be understood.” This is my favorite of the seven habits. I don’t know if you’ve read or remembered it before, but this is one of the Seven Habits. Number 5. Seek first to understand, then to be understood. My grandfather said training is the hardest, so that’s what I try. And it helps in everything, just this principle in general. Whether you’re frustrated in the situation I’m in, whatever it is, when you’re actually seeking to genuinely understand and listen with the intention of understanding rather than reacting. You know what I mean?

I: for sure.

coffee: It’s so easy to listen with the intent of responding and not really understand. loved it. missing him.

I: Do you have a private copy of one of his books?

coffee: My dad does and I use it. I mean, my dad bears his name. Stephen MR Covey. My father has carried on his legacy and has written two books of his own.

I: Is this where it ends?

coffee: I don’t know. we will see. I wouldn’t do something like this unless I felt inspired or kind of called to do it. Because that’s what they were. It’s not like they grew up wanting to write. They didn’t until they felt they had something to share. But I just wished people knew what he was like in his personal life. Because it was a lot more than you wish it to be.

I: How was he personally versus the man who wrote the books?

coffee: Well, one, he loved shattering stereotypes of what a businessman should be in the idiot sense. He was like the dumbest person you’ve ever met. He was meeting with the President of the United States for his training or something and he was wearing these fake teeth and a wig. That is why I have always had such a wonderful relationship, because I am deceitful and he was deceitful. Even here on this team, I feel part of many guys’ comedic relief because I’m small and goofy. But I learned it from my grandfather. You will be in this very dangerous business situation and he will pull a prank on someone.

I: I love that. Thanks man.

coffee: Absolutely yes.

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