Estée Lauder heir settles lawsuit against ex-lover, New York socialite

Cosmetics heir William Lauder has confirmed a lawsuit over his $7 million Bel-Air mansion that has triggered an all-out legal battle between Estée Lauder’s boss and his former lover, Taylor Stein in New York, The Post confirms.

According to court documents obtained by The Post, the CEO of Estée Lauder and Stein companies reached a settlement on August 9, but the terms of that agreement remain confidential.

Stein in the beginning The lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles In August 2018, Lauder allegedly reneged on their agreement when he refused to make annual payments for the sprawling five-bedroom, six-bathroom home as long as she and their teenage daughter and brother lived there.

Stein also claimed that Lauder was constantly harassing her and She hired high-ranking private investigator Jack Palladino to spy on herSources told The Post.

William Lauder
William Lauder has settled a lawsuit over a $7 million Bel Air home.
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Taylor Stein initially sued, claiming that Lauder reneged on their agreement when he refused to make the annual payments for her home.

Lauder responded with his lawsuit and claimed that Stein had violated the 2007 confidentiality agreement and “no disregard” clause “multiple times,” which he claimed caused a “refund” clause that exempted him from the home payment requirement and would allow him to evict his infant mother and ex-mistress of Bel-Air Mansion.

Under their 2007 agreement, Lauder reportedly agreed to pay Stein $1 million for each year she kept quiet and did not publicly reveal that he was the father of her daughter.

Lauder, the son of billionaires Leonard and Evelyn Lauder, wanted to keep his relationship with the socialite out of the press.

Evelyn Lauder and Leonard Lauder
Evelyn Lauder and Leonard Lauder are William’s parents.
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Stein, daughter of legendary nightclub owner Howard Stein, agreed she wouldn’t come within 100 yards of any of the Lauder family in Palm Beach, Aspen and New York, Forbes reports.

In court documents, Lauder said he had “no interest” in expelling Stein, his daughter, or Stein’s brother, but said that “a social woman should not personally benefit from her abuse.”

The rival warriors agreed on one thing – they asked the court to seal the various documents in the case because of sensitive information about them and their beloved child.

According to a transcript obtained by The Post, on September 2, a judge approved a joint request to seal the documents to protect their teenage daughter.

The feud between the two began in 2020 after the 13-year-old couple posted on social media that her parents are divorced. The sources said Lauder said the publication also violated a confidentiality agreement.

It is not known if Stein will have to move out of the residence, but according to the Los Angeles County Registry, the Stein Trust is still listed as the owner of the $7 million Bel Air mansion.

Karen Lauder and William Lauder
Lauder began his love affair with Stein during his marriage to his first wife, Karen.
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The letters were not returned to Lauder and Stein’s attorneys.

The couple first began their relationship when he saw Lauder Stein at his Aspen mansion and he was still married to his wife Karen. Their daughter was born as a result of this affair, but their relationship has been fraught for years.

Stein was arrested on a domestic violence misdemeanor charge in 2013 after the former couple had a fight on a Los Angeles street.

The Socialite did not submit any competition and was judged To complete 13 days of community service by cleaning streets for the California Department of Transportation.

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