Fig Factor Media releases the inspiring flagship today. the fourth ; The book introduces 15 authors who share their thoughts on leadership

Fig Factor Media, an international publishing company in Naperville, Illinoislaunches the next edition of the “Today’s Inspired Leader” series with “Today’s Inspired Leader Vol. IV” by Fig Factor Media CEO Jacqueline S. Ruiz.

Naperville, Illinois.And January 30, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ – Teen Media AgentIt is an international publishing company Naperville, Illinoisreleases the next version of “Inspirational Leader of the Day” series with Today’s Inspirational Leader Volume Four By Fig Factor Media CEO Jacqueline S. Ruiz.

The series embodies the stories of local, regional, national, and international authors and authors from diverse fields who share their wisdom, knowledge, and positive, encouraging, and personal interpretations of leadership. Their stories illustrate what it means to achieve success, learn from failure, and find the path to a life of meaning within the systems of their work, home, and community.”

Sharing the rich tapestry of their experiences in their personal and professional worlds, each leader opens readers’ minds to possibilities in their own lives, and where they can travel if they let vision, grit, and faith lead the way.

“Today’s world seeks leadership from the highest levels of government to those who represent the population at the community level,” said Ruiz. “People want to see examples so they can accept the invitation to become the up and coming leaders when their time comes. I’m proud that this series provides so many examples of authors finding ways to be resilient while experiencing adversity and letting nothing stand in their way of reaching the pinnacle of success. They are They also know that having a servant mindset — giving back to help others — helps them become the best version of themselves.”

The following co-authors of Volume IV are as follows:

  • Leonor Gil

  • Antiza San Miguel

  • Olga Camargo

  • America Bayes

  • Jantzen Sanchez

  • Ana Uribe Ruiz

  • Paulina Lopez

  • Adriana Ruzo Angulo

  • Martha Razo

  • Jacqueline Ruiz

  • Araceli Zanabria

  • Dahlia Gonzalez

  • Karina Mejia

  • Priscilla Guasso

  • Erica Sandoval, LCSW

Some authors have their opinion on what it means to be a leader.

According to Razo, CEO of Guero Pallets and Co-CEO of SOLiX Business Services in both ChicagoLeaders are the drivers of projects, organizations, or businesses.

“Being a leader is a skill, as you have to be able to lead but at the same time nurture and also help others grow as an individual,” she said. “The greatest leaders are those who accept that they are not perfect and can learn and adapt. Leaders are calculated and knowledgeable. They lead by example and inspire others to be better.”

Lopez, CEO and founder of The Business of WE, the exclusive mastermind community for women entrepreneurs, gave a brief and personal introduction.

“Leadership begins with you,” she said. “You cannot lead others if you cannot lead yourself.”

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About Today’s Inspirational Leader:
Weaved together with inspiration, invaluable wisdom, and humor, Today’s Inspired Leader book series is a collection of stories that depict men and women at their best—achieving success, learning from failures, and finding the path to a life of meaning within themselves. work, families and communities.

Sharing the rich tapestry of their experiences in their personal and professional worlds, each leader opens our minds to possibilities in our own lives, and where we can travel if we allow vision, grit, and faith to lead the way.

About Fig Factor Media:

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