Five bucket-list luxury lodges for wildlife lovers

With the travel industry approaching pre-pandemic strength, there’s no better time than the present to plan the ultimate vacation list—and for serious animal lovers, there’s a treasure trove of luxury eco-bungalows and safari camps ready to provide the trip of a lifetime. From the hinterland of Patagonia to the heart of Tanzania, these lavish estates offer fantastic ecotourism along with accommodations fit for royalty.

One and Only Wolgan Valley

Koalas, wombats, and wallaro are just a few of the creatures guests may encounter One and Only Wolgan ValleyLuxury property located in the Greater Blue Mountains, Australia. Guests are welcome to relax by the outdoor pool and sample the resort’s signature gin during their stay, but no visit is complete without getting to know the estate’s 6,900 acres. For seasoned outdoor adventurers, there is no shortage of long mountain biking trails that hit the area, while birders can spend the day trekking through the bush in search of local parrots and birds of prey. Jockeys take note – the property takes pride in their boarding horses, offering riding lessons, stable tours and half-day trips into the surrounding wilderness on horseback.

Tswalo Kalahari Motsi camp

Spanning nearly 350,000 square miles across Botswana, Namibia and South Africa, the Kalahari Desert is one of the most impressive natural features found on the continent of Africa – and Tswalo Kalahari It offers some of the best accommodations around the area. Motse’s idyllic camp has been attracting visitors for years thanks to its luxurious suites, wine cellar, and wide array of adorable creatures that call the surrounding area home. Activities on the property range from classic safaris to midnight stargazing, but for a particularly scenic outing, the meerkat experience is a must, offering guests a chance to get a close look at local meerkat families at the lodge.

Explora Patagonian National Park

The towering peaks of southern Patagonia have captivated explorers for centuries, and in modern times, visitors can gain some insight into the region’s biodiversity on a trek with Explora Patagonian National Park. While strolling around the lodge, visitors can expect to spot such famous species as the puma, llama-like guanaco, and even the Andean condor, the largest surviving bird of prey—but there’s much more to encounter around the facility than just wildlife. Three outdoor hot tubs await guests after a long day of hiking, while the on-property restaurant has garnered much acclaim for its delicious wood-fired cuisine.

Pacoar Lodge

Need a relaxing getaway deep in the rainforests of Costa Rica? Pacoar Lodge It offers 20 comfortable suites in the sprawling mountains of Lemon County. This picturesque property was designed with minimal environmental impact in mind – no trees were cut down during the construction process, allowing native flora and fauna to continue to thrive throughout the hotel grounds. White water rafting is a particularly popular activity for guests, but there’s no need to travel far to spot some amazing wildlife. For visiting birders, showy species such as the red-capped manakin or double-billed toucan may appear in the treetops, while lucky guests may catch a glimpse of a jaguarundi wandering through the forest.

Kim Kim Inn

In the northern regions of Tanzania stately Kim Kim Inn It offers a glimpse into the stunning beauty of Lake Manyara, with no shortage of fascinating flora and fauna to discover across its borders. While the lodge itself is a sight to behold, offering an outdoor pool, fitness center, and sprawling unfenced grounds, there is a wealth of truly wonderful excursions to take part in within the former property’s confines. A helicopter and hot air balloon ride allows guests to take in the splendor of Tanzania from a bird’s-eye view, while Chem Chem has also perfected the art of slow safaris, inviting participants to track wildlife on foot with the help of a local guide.

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