Ford Performance NASCAR: Almirola puts Ford BlueOval City on pole in the NASCAR Cup Series for the first time

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NASCAR Cup Series
Bristol Night Race Qualifiers | Friday 16 September 2022

Ford qualifying results
1st – Eric Almerola
2nd – Chase Briscoe
Sixth – Ryan Blaney
Seventh – Kevin Harvick
Ninth – Austin Sendrick
Tenth – Brad Kiselowski
Eleventh – Cole Custer
XV – Joey Logano
Eighteenth – Michael McDowell
Twenty – Chris Bucher
27 – Harrison Burton
30 – Todd Gilliland
Thirty-second – Cody Wear
33 – PJ MacLeod
36 – Ji Ji Lee

ARIC ALMIROLA, No. 10 BlueOval City Ford Mustang – How was she waiting to see if this tour would take place? “It was tough. There’s a lot of waiting to see where you’ll end up. I’m really proud of this group. We’ve been breaking our tails trying to get up to speed in our cars and trying to figure out what we need, so it looks really good. To run under 15 seconds in a lap time Bristol, this is tough. This is a fun ride.”

How would you describe the speed of this next-generation car? “It’s just crazy. I mean, it’s really crazy. I’m really proud of this team and everyone at Stewart-Haas Racing. We work hard and feel good about it.”

This should be fine. “It feels so good. Man, what a ride we’re going here in under 15 seconds. It’s really crazy how fast these cars go on the track, but I’m just so proud of my team, so proud of everyone at Stewart-Haas Racing. They brought me a Mustang. The BlueOval City Ford is really fast. We were really good at the race trim and obviously had a lot of speed in qualifying, so now we have to do that for 500 laps tomorrow night.”

Were you able to take more from this qualifying race? “Just that the track has a lot of grip and it’s really fast.”

Almirola magnate winning press conference

Can you tell us about that course? “It was exciting. To run under 15 seconds around Bristol, wow, what a ride. It’s the strongest and most exciting qualifying lap of the year. It all happens fast. There’s no margin for error and to go around here at 14.94, you can’t blink, you can’t blink.” Breathe, you can’t do anything, you have to do everything right and you’ll see how tight the grid is.I think the top 10 cars are separated within a tenth of a second, so there is no margin for error and every little movement or jerk of the wheel counts and counts, So for putting on a good lap and representing our team for all the hardships Work they did and having something good happen to us just feels good I’m really proud of my team They worked hard to bring better and better racing cars to the racetrack every weekend and this was a great start to the holiday The weekend for us. We were quick in practice and obviously had a lot of speed in qualifying.”

Are guys who don’t play just as hungry as the PLAYOFF drivers? “Absolutely. I think on the team side we talked to all the guys after Daytona and we missed the playoffs. I told Drew and my engineers and the guys on the team that I was like, ‘Man, I remember a few years ago the Car 22 missed the playoffs and they came back the next year and won the championship and there’s no reason for that. “Let’s do that, let’s use the next 10 weeks, we don’t have any pressure on us, we’re not racing for a championship, so it gives us a little bit of freedom to be free and not too nervous and try things out. We kind of came out of the box in our thinking about this new car, And some of the things we did showed a lot of promise and speed, so this is a prime example of that, showing up and having great speed in our car. I feel really good about that and I feel like anyone in any weekend in the top 25 can win. I mean, it’s proven That these cars and everything is so close and the field is so competitive that I think you can’t leave anyone out.”

Were you running a beta setup tonight? “We’re still learning. I think we’ve been going through the summer we felt like we got a deal that was good and we could get through the top 10, the top 12, and we were kind of consistent and trying to point our way. We felt we were in a decent position to do that and then the new winners went on In the incidence who were lower than us in points, and the next thing you know we found ourselves and we just tuned in and massaged the car build and setup, and so now that we’re not in qualifying we kind of have that freedom to try things we wouldn’t otherwise have when we were just trying to be Consistent. Now, we kind of take this approach of swinging the fences, who really cares where we end up in the points – up or down, a point or two that doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things, but what matters is learning as much as we can to be the best of the year Next this is our approach.”

What could that effort do for SHR because all four cars were in the top 11 to qualify? “It’s huge. To finish the year strong and get that kind of momentum into the holiday season is important because off season, I’d say maybe six or eight weeks until we make the cars and try to hustle to get ready Clash and Daytona – those first few weeks if it gets worse to finish The general mood in the store, because you don’t have another chance to go to the racetrack and try to recover and redeem yourself, the mood in the store is kind of fervent, so to end the year strong, to get well and show signs of promise for next year because everyone, it doesn’t matter if You’re doing your job or in life in general – we all need hope. You don’t want to go off season like, “Man, this year hasn’t been the greatest of years and we don’t really have a direction on how to get better.” So finding things Over the next 10 or 8 weeks now to where we feel like we’re bumping into some things, we’re learning, it gives us some hope and gives us some encouragement as we come to the end of the season that next year we’ll be better.”

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