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Gnosis IQan Arizona-based artificial intelligence program that predicts and tracks student success and enables students’ social emotional well-being, is excited to announce a new partnership with nonprofit organizations No And Death2Life It will provide Arizona teens with immediate access to the mental health resources they need, specifically emotional support services.

As a social-emotional software program for students, prognosis IQ leverages academic research, artificial intelligence, and teacher insight to support the overall success of K-12 students. prognosis IQ allows teachers, administrators, and parents to know how students are performing academically and their emotional state of mind through the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at any time through individual dashboards.

In response to the current mental health crisis of today’s youth, No and Death2Life will be joining forces to provide 24/7 peer emotional mentoring to teens in Arizona. Both organizations share a similar vision of finding innovative ways to help struggling youth. This effect will be amplified with merging prognosis IQ to reduce some of the burden caused by deficiency in advisors and emotional support specialists on school campuses.

If teens need to talk to someone immediately and hours later, they have access to Death2Life advisor via notMYkid’s [I]nspired software application. the [I]speard The Peer Program connects youth with a certified peer support professional who can help them navigate life’s stressors, challenging emotions, and issues related to mental health and substance use disorders. the No The Peer Support Team will also share Death2Life resources with the teens they help.

In addition, Death2Life will include a link to a file No [I]speard Peer Support Program screening form on their website and will refer Arizona-based teens they connect with to No Resources for long-term personal assistance. peer advisors in No Death2Life will be able to reach individuals prognosis IQ dashboards to gain a better understanding of what they are going through academically and emotionally.

“We are very excited to partner with you NoMario said DortensioPresident of Death2Life. “What they do is Front line things, so are we Honoring For help from a mental health perspective. We look forward to seeing the positive impact we will achieve by working together.”

across the prognosis IQ programme, students will be provided with access to No and Death2Life peer support services. prognosis A student’s self-reported emotional data in IQ will automatically recommend that students speak with a peer specialist when different social and emotional risks are detected. In any case, when A prognosis An IQ student connects with a peer specialist, and the system will automatically notify the appropriate school contacts to assist students in every possible way.

Partnership with prognosis IQ means we have a way of finding young people who need support and who may go unnoticed.” Daybreak allingtonDirector of Peer Programs No. I hope the program prognosis Our IQ will find individuals who would not otherwise seek help and give us the opportunity to help them.”

We are excited to form this unique partnership with you No and Death2Life,” said Ben Smith, CEO and Founder prognosis I.Q. “We fired prognosis Arizona IQ in 2020 for Social Emotional Learning Addressing (SEL) challenges affecting millions of students across the country. With our expansion into seven school districts serving more than 150,000 students, teachers, administrators and families and expansion opportunities coming to us daily from across the country, we see an opportunity to collaborate and work side by side. No As a great fit and will enable us to achieve our common goals in a much easier way.”

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