Hal Peters announced the release of the “Flameless Liquid Burner”

A new book discusses what Flameless Liquid CremationTM is, how the whole process works, and how it helps the environment as a person’s last carbon footprint.

Scotch Plains, NJAnd January 17, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ – Hal Peters It reveals a new hacking process for dealing with human remains. Of all the bad choices, she strikes him as the best over the others. While doing his homework, he kept notes and wanted to share the warmth and greater peace of mind he had found with as many people as possible. Which is why he’s now releasing Flameless Liquid Cremation (Archway Publishing).

In this book, Peters discusses what flameless liquid cremation is, how the whole process works, and how it helps the environment as a person’s last carbon footprint. This book also aims to help readers understand what the human body goes through after their consciousness has left its physical limits. This book is in no way about people’s spiritual journeys. Instead, it ventures into the more scientific side of human life and death.

“More than a million people turn 60 every year. Because of the economics that drive it, flame cremation is now used for more than 50% of Americans who die. Not only is this a massive attack on the environment, but it’s not a ‘warm and fuzzy’ approach.” Now that science has introduced Flameless Liquid Cremation™…in those areas where it’s available…it’s preferred by 90% of people who know about it,” notes Peters.

The release of Liquid Cremation Without Flames aims for people to be more familiar with this new end-of-life option because it offers them more palatable, uplifting, and ultimately more positive ways of thinking about and dealing with the human body. after death.

Liquid Flameless CremationTM is not only environmentally friendly. . . But as the book points out, everyone who undergoes Flameless Liquid Cremation TM will eventually end up in a nearby ocean. . . Actually. . . Everyone will be “buried at sea”.

“Let’s face it, there is no great option for dealing with human remains. But, as this first (first) book on the topic of Flameless Liquid Cremation TM demonstrates…it’s light years ahead of all the other bad options. We expect dissolution in circulating alkaline water Slowly, in the future it will be the dominant method of dealing with human remains.”

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“Flameless liquid cremation”
by Hal Peters
Hardcover | 8.5 x 11 in. | 70 pages | ISBN 9781665731850
softcover | 8.5 x 11 in. | 70 pages | ISBN 9781665731843
E-book | 70 pages | ISBN 9781665731867
Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author
Hal Peters Born in Hungary and migrated to United State In 1960. It was a New Jersey resident since then. With honesty, generosity, and open-mindedness, he strives to know “something about everything” and “everything about something.” Even with the internet, he believes that these are impossible goals to achieve but one can do their best. It can be accessed via



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