He said Kim Mulke failed to support Britney Graner so much

Kim Mulkey didn’t say anything. The greatest basketball player I ever coached is sitting in a Russian prison, ‘Unjustly detained’, according to the US governmentservice the first months of excessive 9 and a half years To bring less than a gram of hemp oil into the country. Britney Greiner is not punished so much as she is armed. Most of the American sports community is on edge. Not Mulki. Prefer to be frivolous.

On the 221st day of Greiner’s detention, a reporter asked Mulkey, now a coach at LSU, about Greiner. The relationship between the two has been strained since Greiner left Baylor, but some things are supposed to be bigger than the differences. On Monday, Mulke chose to stay young.

“I just want to get your thoughts on Britney Grenier’s situation,” the reporter said. “I don’t think I saw anything from you about that and just…”

Mulki replied, “You won’t.”

After months of silence, that was all Mulkey had to offer. If you have a microscope, you will not be able to detect any moles.

In my years of covering the emotional, shocking, and sometimes raw world of sports, I have never encountered such a bitter, disturbing moment. I’ve seen more angry incidents. I have seen violence. But it’s reprehensible for a coach — a college coach who recruits teens with promises of family relationships and lifelong bonds — to turn one down under dire circumstances.

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Mulki shrugged off an opportunity to show basic, shallow sympathy. It took more effort to be succinct and dismissive than it should offer something so simple: “I hope you come home soon. I don’t want to comment further, but that’s my hope.”

It is not time to continue with the trifle. But like many beloved college coaches, Mulki can’t contain her narcissism. She was too busy thinking to herself to catch the moment. Looks like Mulki is still upset that Greiner, then She said she was gay Before the 2013 WNBA Draft, Baylor revealed that she told her To keep her sex life a secret. she wrote more About Mulke and the school in her 2014 memoir “In My Skin”. She intended this part of her story to illustrate her struggle with identity while attending a private Baptist school in Texas. Mulki did not like how she was portrayed and the culture of her show. The two never fit.

In 2012, when Baylor Won the National Championship With a 40-0 record, Mulkey dubbed Greiner the “face of women’s basketball.” In the ten years that followed, Greiner had an excellent professional career and cemented her reputation as one of the most dominant post players in sports history. Mulki has 658 career wins, 857 win percentages and three national titles. It’s in the second year of a $23.6 million contract at LSU, a landmark deal in the ongoing fight for fair wages in women’s sports.

Griner and Mulkey were magical together. They have remained distinctly separate. Then Greiner was arrested for a mistake that could have been made by many of the athletes playing outside and trying to manage pain and inflammation. Her freedom has turned into a political custody battle between rival nations.

Dawn Staley, who was Griner’s coach with the USA Basketball team, doesn’t let a day go by without sending a message on social media or giving a media interview about Griner’s release. On the same day, Molkee conquered humanity, current Baylor coach Nikki Cullen Talk for about five minutes in a row About Griner. Colin spent most of the time pleading with people who ignored Griner as a criminal and failed to think about the global dynamics at play. More accurately, Colin alluded to the bigotry and prejudice behind some public segregation of a 6-foot-9 gay black woman.

“It is not my duty to judge quite frankly,” Colin said. “I don’t see it as my job. I think as a Christian this is to give grace. It is to love, to love each other. Knowing BG, like knowledge She, being around her, is a big kid. Get to know her and love her. Honestly, she’s just one of those people who radiates joy, and that would give you a hug or a hug. It’s so easy to say when it’s someone you don’t know, but would everyone say the same if it was their sister? I think they might feel differently.”

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For four years, Griner wasn’t just a big kid for Mulki. Her eldest daughter, who is all-American, was the best player in the country. No one should spoil it – unless the relationship was bogus and dealings from the start. While Griner isn’t blameless in beef, Mulkey is 60 and makes a living teaching young people to manage conflict and work together. Before you retire, you may win 1,000 harmony games. But given a chance to move past the quarrel and show sincere sympathy, she first behaved worse than a spoiled student far from home.

“Keep this in mind when choosing schools,” former Baylor star Queen Igbo Posted in Tweet.

He said Chloe Jackson, another former Baylor player: “And I’ll say it again. Silence speaks volumes, you name it.”

If Mulki is too emotionally conflicted to express herself, she should step into a mic and try again. Put in more effort. Express anything that makes her human and not a control freak out for revenge.

Mulki isn’t the first coach to walk away from a star athlete. But hard times are supposed to unite people, assuming what they shared was real. The player who gave Mulki a second championship needs all the support he can get. If her former coach can’t live up to the occasion, she has no credibility as a leader.

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