Held in Seattle – PAX West 2022 review

With the easing of COVID restrictions comes a return to in-person gaming conventions like the beloved PAX Deals. PAX West was held from September 2 to September 5 in Seattle, and we were there (almost) for all of that. Keep reading for all the details!

Couch party on Friday

The PAX celebrations started from my living room on Friday night. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the Friday session physicallyBut I couldn’t miss one of my favorite video game music artists, Triforce Quartet, so I tuned in to Twitch TV. With two violins, cello and viola, this set of strings plays the most beautiful Zelda and Final Fantasy music you’ve ever heard. Honestly their music brings tears to my eyes. They put together a sentimental song in honor of Undertale titled “Undertale: Boss MedleyAnd like Final Fantasy Boss Medley, you’re sure to get goosebumps as you relive the emotional tension of these battles.

Source: Twitch TV

A Saturday full of booty, zigzags, and a killer queen

I landed Saturday morning in Seattle with a light drizzle, but it didn’t dampen my mood. The PAX Covid health card and badge score was played quickly and efficiently thanks to the Enforcers blue jersey that enthusiastically channeled the flow of bodies.

Saturday was packed shoulder to shoulder, and I was grateful for the mandatory mask requirement. I know from previous agreements that some merchandise sells out quickly, so the first thing I did was make my way Limited Running Games And the Fangame.

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Forget to mark anything, because I wasn’t looking, I let the crowd devour me, swallowed up by bright lights and loud music as I rambled from stall to stall like a lazy river. I stopped in Goat Simulator 3 by Coffee Stain Studio, Salt and Sacrifice from Ska Studios, and WrestleQuest from Skybound Games to name a few games I’m very excited about. I made a loud squeak because I liked Final Fantasy X Lulu Cosplay, The Lord of the Rings Nazgul, and Rani from Elden Ring.

It’s plate time! I’m always excited when it comes to scheduling plates, so I looked at my list of eight or nine, and quickly narrowed it down to…one. The panels were across from the exhibition hall of the Sheraton Hotel, and it was the panel I chose The Unbranched Player: Perspectives on Inclusion and Design. But it was completely full! Well…in thirty minutes, another board was next door, and now I’d be a lot early.

painting: New (and old) facts: Entering the gaming industry

New (and old) facts: Entering the gaming industry It was now the team I attended. Although some of the main points seemed to make sense, they needed to be mentioned to a mostly young audience and I enjoyed the discussion. Guest speakers include Rich Will [CXO, ModSquad, Inc]Rick Heaton [YellowPike Media]Genesee Gray [Good Shepherd Entertainment]Jennifer Nicole [Microsoft XBox]. I really enjoyed this as they talked candidly about the gaming industry and highlighted some facts that are not easy to swallow.

some points:

  • Apply to places you know; As if you played their games and did basic research in a company
  • Get to know someone in the industry
  • Connect via Linkdn or Twitter and enjoy a positive online presence
  • contribute to society; Through mods, fan art, writing, etc…
  • Follow up on interviews, use personal cover letters and write a thank you letter
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Virtual reality encounter in Jupiter

I spent Saturday evening at Jupiter Bar where I met my friend Jasmine who is creating virtual reality content for a channel called VR with Jasmine. It has created a positive and educational space to enhance the rapidly developing world of virtual reality. We had an interactive conversation with VR audio producers, content creators and VR game developers about the future of VR and whether Apple’s new VR will bring mainstream VR before the Meta. The conclusion was not settled in the end: they have the technology, but will they develop games?

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Now the Jupiter bar is no ordinary bar. The space looks unassuming until you make your way to the back area, where you’ll discover a sprawling arcade filled with pinball, racing and fighting games. The wall art is amazing and I found myself admiring it as I searched for my favourite. I found a hangout in Killer Queen (a 5v5 arcade game that I love) and watched matches while jumping into cell fights myself.

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Sunday boards showcasing indie games and gameplay

painting: Player parenting: Fostering healthy play relationships

I pressed two tablets on Sunday. First , Player parenting: Fostering healthy play relationships sponsored by Ash Brandin [Teacher, EdS, BVSD]. I loved this painting, Ash was an expert in this field and you can tell how much experience and passion they had. This really affected my love of psychology and games, and I can relate to many points in my childhood.

  • Understanding the stigma and bias surrounding gaming as a scapegoat for gun violence and behavioral problems
  • Scarcity creates a mindset of preoccupation with games; Counter this by accepting that they are important to your child and creating a routine around games rather than only rewarding if all other activities are completed
  • Games help children (and us!) learn through self-motivation and self-determination theory
  • Know what motivates your child; Some kids love to socialize with friends, while others may thrive on structure, building, or customization when it comes to choosing toys.
  • The emotional outbursts are not usually related to the game; All feelings are okay, all behaviors are not okay

I really appreciate Ash and found myself nodding in agreement with every point. I hope more parents understand the educational benefits and critical thinking that games can provide to their children, and the “games are bad” mentality that many parents have is due to them not playing for themselves or understanding the medium.

Seattle Indies Show

In the afternoon I was swinging Seattle Indies Show For a look at game development. This is a non-profit organization built to promote a comprehensive and accessible space for game development that has regular meetups. If you can go to one of these events, I highly recommend it because you can play the game where the developers talk to you and take notes. It’s basically a live alpha and beta tester, and they’re excited and grateful for the show of their work.

game time!

With the crowd dwindling, I packed up and decided it was time to actually play some games. First, I played a top-down puzzle game with old school aesthetics called Acura Where developer Jason Newman spoke to my side. It was fun seeing his reaction when I solved the puzzles and he smiled enthusiastically about his game. With a love for retro games, I’ll definitely give this Kickstarter-backed game a shot on Steam when it’s released in the winter.

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Venge It holds a very dear place in my heart with titles like Chicory, Night in the Woods and Tunic. And I can’t believe their latest version I was a teenager outside colonialism It escaped my radar. This is a must for any science fiction fan. A simulation game with different endings, live life on an alien planet as you transform from a child to an adult.

Tamil The last game I spent a lot of time with was a rogue lite that combines swords and mixing potions as you make your way through mines and caves. Shel, the main character, is imprisoned by humans and must fight her way to freedom. I enjoyed mixing different potion items, handling condition and AOE effects, and damaging the environment before setting off. The game didn’t feel as smooth as Hades says, but with the release in 2023, I’m confident it will be a strong contender among other rogues.

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My intimate relationship with wrestling

Billboard: History of Wrestling and Games

Wrestling in the late ’80s and early ’90s was a staple in my home. I remember theatrical performances and rollerblades and would often ask my dad, “Do you think it’s real?” To which he always replied: “It’s definitely real.” Cheers and boos will be in the background during dinner as you become familiar with names like Rey Mysterio, Sting, Ric Flair, Undertaker, and Randy Savage to name a few. But I didn’t really understand the stories and drama, which is why WrestleQuest is my most awaited game.

So when I saw this painting, I knew I had to come. Founders of Mega Cat Studios [James Deighhan and Zack Manko] Collaborated with Jeff Jarrett [Wrestling Legend] And Patrick Hickey [Gaming Historian] To discuss the best wrestling game on each console.

Source: the author.

I had no idea there were hundreds of wrestling games out there with around $2 billion in revenue since its inception. WrestleQuest is a no-brainer when it comes to guaranteed success, as all of us millennials relive the thrill of the episode and behind-the-scenes stories in this RPG adventure. The committee had no shortage of interesting discussions and nostalgia.

What a fun and stressful weekend. You can imagine how much pain my feet and mind were after packing that into 2 days! Thanks a lot, PAX 2022!


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