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It’s the biggest simultaneous explosion of cultural activity on the calendar, and this seventeenth cultural night, now under the Arts Council pavilion, returns with a welcome buzz on Friday, September 23. There are over 1,000 free activities and events across Ireland: workshops, performances, exhibitions and performances, with some events lasting until midnight, for the first time. For those unable to venture out, there are some online and mixed events too, and RTÉ has ​​several Culture Night programming.

Here is just a small selection of what is on offer. We see For more information and note some events require booking. stay tuned TwitterAnd the Facebook And the Instagram For more ads.

in Dublin

1. Culture Night at Spencer Dock

Dublin 1

Gospel Discovery Choir (6pm-6:30pm) The evening group begins with contemporary gospel songs, traditional African, folk and Irish songs. art channel A workshop in traditional ornate ropework, with boat dwellers Rosie O’Reilly and Louise Gambrill (6.00pm-8.00pm). There is a spoken word workshop with John Cummins (6.00 pm – 6.45 pm).

live performance On The Molly (7:00 pm – 10:00 pm), anchored on the channel, include poet John Cummins, singer-songwriter Robbie Moss, traditional singer and composer Macdara Yeates, actress Roxanna Nic Liam and Bob of the Dublin sisters Zestra.

2. Awaken Metropolis

Learn about Dublin City Council Committees for public places.

North Wales (Spencer Dock, 6.00 pm – 7.30 pm) is an open air gallery produced by artist Fionnuala Halpin, as well as some of Ireland’s best street artists doing live painting.

granny acid (Spencer Dock, 6.30-7 p.m.), a diverse group armed with a shopping cart sound system, collaborates with passersby, experimenting with audible conversations and using synths and drums.

TADGE (Meeting House Square, 8.45pm – 9.45pm). The performing artist/multi-instrumentalist/designer is inspired by haute couture and gender fluidity.

3. The painting mirror in the National Museum

The National Gallery, Merrion Square West, Dublin 2; 8 PM – 11 PM

that An interactive live digital display of digital art In cooperation with the French Embassy. Display your portrait or landscape, in the style of Claude Monet, Maine Gillette or Harry Clarke, on a large scale on the front of the Merrion Square Gallery. Inside, see the national collection along with live art and performance, join a tour, see The Meeting on the Turret Stairs, visit the original sins of contemporary artist Hughie O’Donoghue or see treasures from the Rijksmuseum by Rembrandt in the print gallery.

4. Wood Pavement Amphitheater

Civil Offices, Dublin 2; 5.30 pm – 9.45 pm

An evening of performances in the outdoor amphitheater, including the Memory Lane Choir, for people with dementia and memory loss (5.30 pm – 6.00 pm); Korean Samul Nori Drummers with acrobatics and folk dance (6.15 pm – 6.30 pm); Songwriter swordEthereal Irish People (7.15pm-8pm); Dance party with Bollywood Ireland (9pm – 9:45pm); And two cabaret-style shows Air flight: aerial and acrobatics (6.30pm – 7.15pm, 8pm – 8:45pm) by well-known and emerging Irish circus performers.

5. Night Shift with Lillian Bothod

Emma, ​​Kilmainham, Dublin 8; 10 PM – 2 AM Reservation required

that outdoor trip By grounding Emma “surrounded by frightening intrusions”. There’s also a dry-typing workshop, outdoor yoga, DJ Nigel Woods music and Nigel Rolf’s European Dream performance, as well as gallery exhibits.

6. Seeing Ulysses at Leopold Bloom Press

2 Grafton Street, Dublin 2; 8 PM – 12 AM Reservation Required

Literature and history of Guisan In the former Yeates and Sons Opticians building, it was introduced by Francis Flannery, an Irish author and founder of Leopold Bloom Press. University of Bristol researcher Joyce Dr Cleo Hanaway Oakley will discuss how Joyce’s low vision offers a new way to read Ulysses. A curated photographic history of artifacts and stories links the Grafton Street Building to Joyce’s modernist classicism through sight themes.

7. CoisCéim . Dance Theater

42 Fairview Strand, Dublin 3; 4 pm – 8 pm; Reservation required

look inside CoisCéimIn the new studio in a historic building, see family-friendly dance stones by David Bolger and their hit performances The Wolf and Peter.

8. St. Patrick’s Cathedral: Through the Ages

St. Patrick’s Claus, Dublin 8; 7 PM – 10 PM Reservation required

Tours The cathedral (plus self-guided multilingual audio guides). There will be family activities and a treasure hunt, as well as a competition for visitors to win a behind-the-scenes tour of the bell tower and roof.

9. Dublin: Exploring the Vikings and Medieval Dublin

Christ Church, Dublin 8; 4 pm – 8:30 pm; Reservation required

Interactive Gallery, stepping into the city during the Viking and Medieval times. Explore life on a Viking warship, house or street, or witness the sights, sounds and smells of bustling medieval Dublin.

10. Presentation of the National Museum of Printing

Beggars Barracks Bush, Dublin 4; 4 PM – 8 PM

retired و Printers and components Bring the instruments in the museum’s collection to life, with a chance for visitors to get inked, too.

beyond the pale

11. Play the hill paint switching challenge

Tudor Artisan Hub, Carrick-On-Suir, Co Tipperary; 6 PM – 7:30 PM

At the Nano Nagle Community Resource Center, six artists fee For 10 minutes before passing the painting to the artist on their right, who continues or alters the idea. The paintings will be auctioned for charity.

12. Dragon Tail movie installation

Cork Printers’ Courtyard, Wandesford Quay, Cork; 8 PM – 9:30 PM

The premiere of artist Mary Brett’s film was shown on the premises, with a live Straw Girl music installation, and Brett prints. Dragon’s Tail It is an epic folk legend filmed in the West, combining scenery with enchanting landscapes.

13. The Druthep Ball

Galway Center for the Arts; 6 pm – midnight

Several events Across two venues, Nuns Island Theater and 47 Dominick Street, around the Turner Prize-winning Síbín immersive installation by Belfast-based Array Collective, it comically questions traditional Northern identities. Including a traditional music session, storytelling and Q&A with artists.

14. Renaissance music at Kilkenny Castle

Picture Gallery, Kilkenny Castle; 6.30 m – 8.30 m

Music It would have entertained the Earls of Ormond from the 16th to 18th centuries, with Siobhan Armstrong, the early Irish harpist (tied by wire).

15. contour

Moelusa Peak, Klassa, Co Claire; 7.30 m – 9 m

specific location Light installation Across the Top of Clare’s Highest Peak by Tula artist Tim Humphreys. Live event on Moelusa upper walkway (532m) and short video. Good physical fitness required for walking.

16. Street Life

the town of Cavan; 4 PM – 9 PM

contemporary Circus and street theater In the streets of Cavan. Five shows including Cicada Circus, Courage Circus, Year Man Dolls, Mr. H and Bignets Dazzling and Spectacular Flea Circus.

17. Hunting for the treasure of Polish heritage

Gorey, Wexford; 4 pm – 6 pm

Polish history, geography and art family Event From the Polish Gorey Cultural Association, with the winners announced at the Paul Strzelecki exhibition at the Gorey Market House.

18. Kampala to Killarney with Afro Trade Ireland

St. Mary’s Church in Ireland, Killarney, Koh Keri; 8 PM – 9:30 PM

Music, folk songs and stories From Uganda and Ireland, with Samuel Kiwanuka on vocals/drums, Tim O’Shea on guitar/vocals/drums and Rosie Healy on flute/singing/tin whistle.

19. West Wicklow Chamber Music Festival

Avon, Blessington, Co-Wicklow; Reservation required

two Parties In the marquee of Avon (open dining hall). At Bangers & Crash (6.30pm – 7.30pm), Irish percussionists Caitríona Frost and Paddy Nolan play music by Elliot Cole, Philip Glass, Casey Cangelosi and Frost’s special composition. Yurodny’s nine-piece band plays world traditional music (from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm).

20. The Black River itself

JJ Hough’s Singing Pub, Banagher, Co Offaly; 9 PM – 12:30 AM

Local artists Sheila and Patrick Hogg present the artists’ films, paintings, music, and discussions about the Offaly Swamplands and their relationship to climate change and ecological collapse. Including a Patrick Hough movie screening black river for itself; an exhibition of Sheila Hogg swamp paintings; and music by Irish singer-songwriter and anthropologist Dan Maher.

21. Celbridgians: Blessings and Battles

Celbridge, Kildare Company; 7 PM – 8 PM

Site promenade performance About those who contributed to Silbridge, given by members of the Stravan Drama Club between the ages of 12 and 17. outdoors (weather permitting); Walk involved.

22. Artful Drink

Ballyglonin Station, Tuam, Co Galway; 6 pm – 9 pm Reservation required

Ireland has the second highest per capita consumption of tea worldwide. Tea Party Workshop by Pavithra Kanan, Sip and beyondDrinking tea is used as a medium for conversation.

23. Tyne Arts Center

Crowe Street, Dundalk, Ko Louth; 6 pm – 9 pm

family Event With School of Music performances, a cutting workshop, gallery and drawing workshops with emerging artist in residence Lijuan McQuillan, an open studio at Bó Studios and an open mic provided by Grow Music.

24. Clay’n’Ceol

Glaslow, CO Monaghan; 6.30 pm – 10:30 pm

agus . music bowl throwing At Busy Bee Ceramics in the village. Work with clay, listen to cruiser music and take home a piece of pottery.

25. Soad Al-Dar in an interview with Sue Devine

St. Columbus Hall, City of Derry; 7 pm – 8 pm; Reservation is recommended

Born in Saudi Arabia to Syrian parents, Dublin-based writer and data scientist Suad Al-Durra fled the Syrian war in 2012 and eventually settled in Ireland. Talking about her diaryDon’t Want to Talk About Home, with Sue Devin (Keep Your Heart, Get the Truth).

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