How do voters feel about protecting abortion rights? Watch Michigan.

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Today’s version: The South Carolina Republicans failed to enforce a near-total ban on abortion. A senior White House official is backing away from the idea that the administration didn’t press the envelope to protect abortion rights. But first…

Michigan could be a pioneer for the purple states that protect abortion rights

It’s official: Abortion rights will be on the ballot in Michigan.

a Yesterday’s ruling The state Supreme Court ended a partisan dispute over whether a measure to enshrine abortion rights in the Michigan Constitution could be brought before voters in November. Now, both sides will begin their efforts on high gear to sway voters in a referendum with dire consequences for the future of abortion access in Michigan.

But holding the ballot has broader ramifications beyond the state. That’s because Michigan — a swing state — is seen as a leader in future ballot measures to protect abortion rights in other purple states.

This is also because what happens in Michigan will affect access to neighboring areas, such as patients in states where abortion is prohibited. Streaming to Michigan for this procedure. The state’s near-total abortion ban of 1931 is currently prohibited, but the outcome of the ballot measure will influence whether any restrictions can come into effect at some point. A suffrage procedure would guarantee a woman the right to an abortion until fetal survival, which is usually around 22 to 24 weeks of gestation.

Direct appeal to voters emerged as a major strategy From the abortion rights movement, which has little recourse to confront restrictions and reshape post-abortion accessRo America. But the anti-abortion movement is also seeking referendums aimed at protecting the ban in red states across the country.

Reproductive freedom for all:

For weeks, Michigan’s polling procedure has been in legal limbo.

in july, Reproductive freedom in Michigan is for everyone The campaign provided more than 730 thousand signatures, which far exceeded the threshold needed to get the procedure on the ballot.

But Citizens to Support Women and Children of MI – The coalition of anti-abortion groups fighting against holding the ballot – raised objections. The group lodged an objection to the state, arguing that the action should be excluded due to spacing and formatting errors in the text that led to Chains of chatter.

Last week, the Michigan Board of Elections Certificate denied of voter initiative, with committee Republicans siding with anti-abortion groups. The campaign supporting the amendment quickly petitioned the state Supreme Court, allowing the measure to be placed on the ballot.

in opinion, President of the Supreme Court Bridget M He accused Republicans of voting against a “gotcha game that went really bad.”

  • “They will deprive millions of Michiganders not because they believe in thousands of Michiganders Those who signed the proposal were confused because of it, but because they believed they had identified the technology that would allow them to do so, she wrote.

Election Day is less than nine weeks away, and both campaigns plan to step up their efforts.

In terms of abortion rights… Reproductive freedom for all She says she is “active and motivated now more than ever.” Organizers continued their mobilization efforts last week even as voting reached a dead end, voters’ doors knocked and campaign offices opened across the state.

In the meantime…Citizens support the women and children of MI put it out The first announcement last week, Which hinges on the argument that the amendment is riddled with errors.

“You’ll find us using every campaign method to get the word out to voters in our state about the problems with this proposed amendment and how dangerous it is for Michigan,” Kristen Polo, A spokesperson for the group told The Health 202.

Michigan’s polling scale is one of five measures put to voters in November.

  • Vermont And the California It also aims to enshrine this right to abortion in their constitution.
  • Voters in Montana will Decide whether to give personal protection Providers are required to provide life-saving treatment to infants born alive after an attempted abortion.
  • Kentucky will decide Whether to amend its constitution to mention frankly Nothing in the state charter creates the right to abortion.

South Carolina Republicans reject strict abortion ban

South Carolina Republic Failed to reach consensus About a near-total abortion ban, indicating broader difficulties for the Republican Party to motivate the party behind strict restrictions, our colleagues Katie Shepherd And the Caroline Kitchener Report.

Gap: Anti-abortion lawmakers were unable to agree on whether to include exceptions for rape or incest, as Republican senators went back and forth for hours to consider amendments to the bill.

Senators began debating a bill that would have prohibited abortion except when a pregnant woman’s life was in danger or her “primary bodily function” was at risk. But two days of contentious wrangling came to a head as lawmakers passed a measure similar to what is already on the books in South Carolina.

The Senate eventually approved a revised bill banning abortion after about six weeks that includes exceptions for victims of rape or incest for up to 12 weeks. The legislation, which also includes exceptions to maternal life, will go to the House of Representatives. A ban banning abortions took effect after fetal cardiac activity was discovered in late June, but has been banned by the South Carolina Supreme Court since August.

The Big Picture: South Carolina is a prime example of how the anti-abortion movement is now emerging Start dealing with its divisions – A microcosm of GOP rifts likely to come next year. Leading national anti-abortion groups support a ban on abortion in pregnancies resulting from rape and incest, but this stance has pushed state Republican lawmakers into the uncomfortable spotlight.

From our correspondents’ notebooks

Q&A: Jennifer Klein, Chair of the White House Gender Policy Council

our colleague Theodoric MeyerAnnouncer early 202They chatted with Jennifer Kleinboss White House Gender Policy CouncilOn the Biden administration’s response to the Supreme Court’s nullity decision ru. against Wade and its plan to protect abortion rights moving forward. Here is a snapshot from the interview:

Theo: “Yes, there are limits to the power of the executive branch, and there are limits to what the president can do,” Andrea Miller, President of the National Institute of Reproductive Health, He told the New York Times last month. “But it feels like you have to cross the line now. This is the time to pull all the stops. This is the time to take a risk.” What other steps is the White House considering?

Klein: You know, I always object to the premise that we haven’t outrun the circumstance, that we haven’t been really aggressive in the actions that we take — because I think we have. Our standard was that we want to do everything we can, which is legally permissible to protect women’s access to care. And I think we really do.

Theo: Is the White House still considering declaring a public health emergency, as dozens of House Democrats are doing President Biden urged to do so?

Klein: Nothing is off the table. When we looked at it earlier this summer, what we learned is that although it sounds good — because it’s a public health crisis, and what’s going on there — we didn’t want to do anything that would put the people you’re trying to help at risk. We are particularly concerned about doctors and other health care providers, and we are concerned about the women they serve. Based on that, we decided at that point not to pursue the idea of ​​declaring a public health emergency.

do you want more? Read the full interview here.

Biden administration to promote youth vaccines

second man Doug Imhoff And the White House czar of the Corona virus Ashish Jha It will host a virtual event today with youth from across the country to promote coronavirus vaccination across diverse populations, according to a White House official. The event comes as part of a larger push to get the updated boosters in hopes of preventing any potential increases in the fall.

also White House I outlined her plan yesterday To combat covid this fall and winter. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Residents of 15 rural and high-risk communities will participate in the ‘Test the Cure’ pilot program for telehealthwhich will allow participants to send coronavirus tests directly to their homes, consult a doctor virtually, and provide antiviral treatments, if needed, at no cost.
  • Management ordered more than 100 million Home coronavirus tests from local manufacturers.

The Department of Homeland Security is finalizing the end of Trump’s “public official” rule

The The Department of Homeland Security Finalize the base Repeal the Trump-era “public official” law that sought to make it more difficult for immigrants to obtain legal status if they used certain government benefits.

under new lawGreen Card applicants and their family members will not be penalized for their use of non-cash public assistance programs, such as Medicaid and children’s health insurance, in contrast to a standard imposed by the Trump administration in 2019. The Biden administration It has already stopped enforcement Al-Qaeda, Politico Notes. The new regulation is effective from December 23.

Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra:

Biden administration warns nursing homes not to collect illegal debts

The Biden administration is reminding nursing homes that they are forbidden from requiring a third-party caregiver to personally guarantee payment of the resident’s bills as a condition of his or her administration to the facility.

in Shared messageThe Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have warned nursing homes and debt collectors not to follow Law. Facilities that violate the law may be subject to enforcement action by state or federal agencies.

According to the CFPB, friends and family members They were forced to sign Responsible Party Contract Clauses with Nursing Facilities. Some say they have been prosecuted on the basis of such contracts.

Rohit Chopra, Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau:

Hospitals turn primary care patients into ‘Look-Alikes’ health center to boost finances. (Phil Galewitz l Kaiser Health News)

Scientists say the key to the coronavirus is long-term survival of the virus (by Sumathi Reddy | The Wall Street Journal)

With homicide being the leading cause of maternal death, new research shows association of firearms and intimate partner violence (by Eric Bodman | Stats)

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