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Contributed content – It’s a great feeling to know you’re supporting a local business. But are there benefits beyond boosting your community’s economy? InfoWest, Southern Utah’s original ISP since 1994, knows there’s no substitute for the connection you get from a local company.

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From the early days of telephony to the future of fiber, infoist It has evolved, adapted and stayed at the cutting edge of Internet technology. The company now proudly employs more than 100 Southern Utah residents, which means it’s big enough to offer the resources of a local company but small enough to take care of every customer.

InfoWest is your local internet provider,said Marketing Director Josh Kanifersky. “One of the things we are most proud of is our award-winning customer support, and continuing the tradition of providing the ultimate internet experience in Southern Utah.”

What should I look for in an internet provider?

When shopping for internet service, check the upload and download speeds each plan offers. InfoWest offers symmetrical upload and download speeds, allowing customers to add important files to the cloud as quickly as they can stream their favorite movies.

The only thing more frustrating and inconvenient than an internet outage is the extra pressure from the lackluster support team. The best internet provider for your home or business will have efficient customer service and a fast and reliable connection at gigabit speeds. InfoWest offers 24/7 technical assistance via a local phone number of people who live and work in their community.

Kanifersky said gigabit speeds are a game-changer in today’s world. InfoWest technicians are trained to prioritize each customer’s Internet use and help them get the most out of their service, whether they’re streaming, gaming, studying, working remotely, or running a business.

What are the benefits of a local internet provider?

Besides creating jobs in Southern Utah, InfoWest also offers to give back to the community in myriad ways. The company donated backpacks to children in need in southern Utah and the Moaba Valley and was named “Business of the Year” by Root for Kids. Many of the staff serve on local non-profit boards and participate in meetings planning great events around town.

InfoWest also inspires the next generation of forward-thinking professionals through guest lectures at Utah Tech and Dixie Tech as well as sponsoring robotics competitions, coding bootcamp, and STEAM boot camp.

“When a service provider cares about their community, that means they will care about you,” Kanifersky said.

What type of connection will I need?

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More people and devices surf the Internet today than ever before, and they each have different communication needs. For many customers, it’s all about speed. Some prioritize reliability and network uptime, while others still focus on quick and easy access to tech support.

Choosing the internet connection that best fits your life is the key to keeping up in this fast-paced modern world. Faster internet improves quality of life, makes working from home easier, and has been shown to increase home value, Kanifersky said.

The Internet provider of choice for many local businesses and events, InfoWest provides high-speed connectivity, including fiber optic and FiberWave, to communities across Southern Utah. The company also offers online VoIP service over the Internet Home and business alarm systems.

How do I make up my mind?

InfoWest provides reliable connectivity to all of your devices. The company’s business and Residential internet services, which include high-speed wireless internet and FiberWave Faster than ever before, with no data caps, no bandwidth metering and no hidden fees.

So, what’s next for InfoWest? Kaniversky said the possibilities are endless. tThe company is reinvesting significantly in its network to ensure it remains at the forefront of an ever-changing technology landscape while providing the best speed and reliability available.

The future has never been brighter.” “Not only is InfoWest bringing FiberWave technology to southern Utah, we’re also laying fiber lines across our hometown. This dual-band approach gives us greater reliability and gives Internet users the choices they want.”

Learn more about InfoWest’s products and services and connect with the community on their sites website.

By ALEXA MORGAN for St. George News.

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