How to switch to a Prime Student membership

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If you’re starting college this month, or you’re already a college student, you probably realize that expenses add up very quickly. From ordering and renting textbooks to buying groceries, there always seems to be something to add to your bills.

Having just graduated in May, I’ve gone through my fair share of these pesky costs – Amazon being the main culprit. What I wish I had known, though, is that I (and my family) would have saved money and got discounts had I chosen a Prime Student membership instead of exiting my parents’ more expensive Prime account (sorry, Mum and Dad).

Don’t make the same mistake you did. If you have a .edu email, convert your Prime membership (or your parents’ membership) to a Prime Student membership to reap the same benefits at half the price.

What exactly is the Prime Student Program?

Prime Student is a discount service designed for higher education students to access the same benefits as a regular Prime member at half the cost. Membership includes unlimited photo storage, savings on rented textbooks, ad-free music for $0.99 per month, LinkedIn Premium, regular Prime member deals and free shipping.

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Am I eligible?

If you are a student currently enrolled in a college or university, then yes, you are eligible. You will be asked to register for Prime Student using your .edu email account, so make sure you have it available.

How much does the Prime Student Program cost?

To get started, Prime Student users get a file Six months free trialwhich is significantly longer than the usual 30-day trial for standard Prime users.

After the trial period, membership will cost $69 a year (or $7.49 per month). So if you sign up in August, you can go until the new year (January) before you have to pay anything for your discounted membership.

Prime Student members can also stream music and TV shows for an additional $0.99 per month.

Enticing, isn’t it? Here’s how to switch to a subscription plan from your existing Amazon account.

Step 1: Sign in to your existing Amazon Prime account

On the mobile app or web browser, log in to File Amazon account using the same email you registered with. You do not need to cancel this existing account to register, your .edu email will be used later in the process.

Step 2: Select the “Customer Service” tab

Once logged in, select “Customer Service” in the upper right corner.

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Third Step: Search for “Prime Student”

In the Customer Service Help Library search bar, search for “Prime Student” and select the “Switch from Amazon Prime to Prime Student” option. You can also use files this link.

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Step 4: Fill in your educational credentials

After selecting the “Switch from Amazon Prime to Prime Student” option, you should be prompted to “Try Prime Student”. button. Click on it, and from there, enter the required information on the form. This process allows Amazon to verify your enrollment, which college or university you belong to. When finished, click Start Six-Month Trial.

Note: A six-month trial comes with every Prime Student subscription. Even if you plan to use the subscription for a year or more, you can view it as a free service from Amazon.

A form to fill out when switching to a first-class student membership

Fill out the form by entering the corresponding information. If you are having trouble registering, follow the link that says “Click here” and register with your .edu email.

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Step 5: Submit

If you are a student and .edu is active, click Submit and you are ready to go. Your current payment information for your Standard Prime plan will be transferred to Prime Student. Know that you can always change your payment method.

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Your membership lasts until you leave school (usually four years), but can be extended if you transfer to a graduate program – as long as your .edu address remains active. If, for some reason, you receive an email from Amazon saying that your annual or monthly Prime Student subscription will expire soon, but you are still enrolled in college, you can check your ongoing status to expand the service.

To check if your recording is still going, tap over here Or, search for “Checking Student Persistent Status” under the Help & Customers search library.

If you are a student and do not have a Prime account and want to join directly with Prime Student, you will need to sign up for an Amazon account first.

After that, you can click over here on Amazon and click “Try Prime Student” to sign up for Prime Student.

No, you do not have to cancel or deactivate your account. just follow this Link to transfer your account. However, the benefits you currently have may change. For example, if you currently have a 20% discount on home appliances, that may be voided in lieu of a cheaper video streaming service or other discount.

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