Indomitable star Khary Payton presents the Season 2/3 Season update and more


To say that lovers Robert Kirkman‘s Invincible She had very high expectations when it came to Amazon Stephen Young (Mark Grayson / Invincible) & JK Simmons (Nolan Grayson / Omni-Man) – A loud animated adaptation would be soothing. Fortunately, not only did these expectations come true, but they also exploded in ways that viewers are still learning to appreciate. To the extent that Invincible It was renewed for seasons two and three in April 2021. A year later, Yeun shared a teaser to let people know that the recording is in progress. But five months later, where do things stand? thanks for the the walking Dead star Khary Payton (Marcus Grimshaw/Black Samson), we have an update to pass along courtesy of his interview Daniel Merrifield (Also known as Dweeb movie).

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Taking place between 48:15 – 54:16, Payton and Merrifield get into great conversations about working with Kirkman, how the voice cast became a mini-meet for “The Walking Dead” and more. But regarding the second season of the animated series, Payton shared that the recording work was done for the second season and that they had already moved on to the third season. But when it comes to the animation aspect, Payton explained that more time is needed due to the abundance of large animation projects in studios that have to be worked on due to the pandemic. But while he says it still “will take some time,” Payton made sure people know that artists are taking their time to ensure the quality of the first season is maintained.

In honor of the song “Invincible Friday” from April of this year, we’ve had a look at Yeun from the recording studio showing him recording this teaser — with the teaser meant to serve as a wake-up call that recording sessions are in progress. Here’s a look at the clip, but don’t watch it too often or you’ll see “Now!” Wander around your mind for the rest of the day (trust us on this):

talk with collider In support of his movie Humans Earlier this year, Yoon spoke about why he’s “really excited” and why he believes viewers have had such a strong positive reaction to him. Invincible They are a harbinger of great things to come for adult animation:

Yeun ‘really excited’ for ‘Bonkers’ season 2: “I spoke to Robert [Kirkman], Here and there. He is very excited about it. He thinks that season two will be better than season one, which I have no doubts about. If you go to his source material, “Invincible” is an amazing comedy, and just think about the amount of untold story from this show, you’d be insane. I’m very excited about it.”

Yoon sees strong reactions to ‘Invincible’ as a sign of bigger things to come for adult animation: “I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting this level of response. People really enjoyed the show. That doesn’t mean I thought the show wasn’t going to be fun. I didn’t know how many people would come. It’s like that. To me, I think it speaks to the appetite for America.” Now for adult animation, which is really cool. I grew up on it. I think we all, of our generation and below, grew up on it. To a large extent, our programming was dictated by generations before us, who didn’t necessarily like animation that way. We are in a strange, strange time where I see a lot of kids watching cartoons and a lot of people watching cartoons for adults. People are learning about Don Hertzfeldt. He’s thriving. I think we’re probably on the brink before things really explode. I think we’ll get some hope [Hayao] Miyazaki Animation Levels. We’re dealing with Pixar, but I just mean coming from different places. It’s a new world. It’s definitely completely new.”

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