iPhone not unlocking your Apple Watch? Here’s how to fix the problem

On the Apple Watch, there is an option in watchOS that lets you Iphone Unlock your watch as long as your ‌iPhone‌ is unlocked (Settings -> Passcode -> Unlock with iPhone). Enabling this option means you don’t have to enter a passcode twice in the morning — one on your Apple Watch when you put it on your wrist and one on your iPhone‌ when you first unlock it.

Unlock the Apple Watch
However, we have heard reports that the “Unlock with ‌iPhone‌” function is not working for some people since at least iOS 14.7. Apple was familiar enough with Same problem on iPhones with Touch ID To issue a fix with iOS version 14.7.1However, iPhones with Face ID seem to be affected as well, and iOS 14.7.1 does nothing to solve it. If you have Face ID ‌iPhone‌ and Unlock With ‌iPhone‌ feature not working on Apple Watch, here are some possible solutions.

Disable iPhone unlocking with Apple Watch

Confusing perhaps, some users have found that disabling the “Unlock With Apple Watch” feature on ‌iPhone‌ somehow restores functionality to the “Unlock With ‌iPhone‌” key on the Apple Watch.

  1. On ‌iPhone‌, play a file Settings Application.
  2. Faucet Face ID and Passcode.
  3. Under “Unlock With Apple Watch,” toggle the switch next to the Apple Watch name so it’s grayed out.


Of course, this is a workaround rather than a fix, because you’re turning off one feature to revive another, so you’ll have to consider whether the compromise is worth it in your use case.

If you often rely on Unlock With Apple Watch to access your iPhone‌ when you’re wearing a face mask, then the workaround won’t work for you, in which case…

Unpair then re-pair your Apple Watch

Unpairing the Apple Watch from ‌iPhone‌ has worked for some people with this problem. It takes a while, but if you miss the “Unlock With ‌iPhone‌” feature on your Apple Watch, it’s probably worth the effort.

  1. Bring your iPhone‌ and Apple Watch close together, then open a file Watch The app on ‌iPhone‌‌.
  2. In the my watch tab, click all watches.
  3. Click on informations (i) next to the watch you want to unpair.
  4. Faucet Unpair your Apple Watch. (For GPS + Cellular models, choose to keep your cellular plan.)
  5. Click again to confirm. You may need to enter your apple id Password to disable Activation Lock.

Before erasing all content and settings on your Apple Watch, ‌iPhone‌ creates a new backup of your Apple Watch. You can use the backup to restore a new Apple Watch. After you unpair your Apple Watch, you’ll see the Start pairing message. Then you can pair your watch with iPhone‌ again the normal way.

  1. Press and hold side button on your Apple Watch until you see the Apple logo.
  2. Wait until the message “Use ‌iPhone‌ to set up Apple Watch” appears on ‌iPhone‌, then tap Complete. If you do not see this message, open a file Watch App on ‌iPhone‌, tap all watchesthen press Pair a new watch.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to re-pair your watch.

Note that some users who have re-paired their Apple Watch to their iPhone‌ found that while it fixed the issue, they didn’t receive a notification on their iPhone‌ that their Apple Watch had been unlocked, indicating that Apple had some work to do it to cancel out anything completely. Bug affecting this behavior.

last thoughts


At the end of the day, neither the workaround nor the solution (assuming it works for you) is perfect, but at the time of writing, there seems to be no other way to get Unlock With iPhone‌ working properly again. On the bright side, Apple is aware of the issue and we should see a fix arrive in Next Software Update for iOS 14 or with the release of iOS 15 in September.

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