Ivana Trump left behind $34 million. Here’s what she wants

Among the items that will be divided among the children of Ivana Trump, a former nanny and mysterious friend, is a townhouse in Manhattan, an apartment in Miami Beach, some French possessions and her dog, Tiger Trump.

IVanna Trump left $34 million in assets when she died in July, according to previously unreported corroborating documents. Her will specified that most of that should be divided among her three children, Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric Trump. She also left two properties to her friends, and tried to leave another property to an ex-husband, Rossano Rubicondi, but he died before she could do so. Donald Trump, Ivana’s wealthier ex-husband, got nothing.

The most important asset on Ivana’s estate is a New York City home, located just a half-block from Central Park. Her heirs are currently trying to sell it, asking for $26.5 million. It is unclear if they will get that much. Regardless of the final price, the proceeds will be divided equally between Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric, according to their mother’s will.

It wouldn’t be an insignificant sum for these younger Trumps, whose father he was willing to lend They have the money but are reluctant to hand over large portions of it $3.2 billion empire. in 2019, Forbes estimated That Don Jr. and Eric had a net worth of about $25 million each, while Ivanka’s net worth was more than $375 million, after starting her own fashion brand and marrying into another wealthy family. Since 2019, the three children have given away their 7.5% stake in the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., as part of a massive sale that allowed them to shell out more than $10 million each, according to The Guardian. Forbes estimates.

The biggest beneficiary outside of the Trump kids may be Dorothy Carey, who has worked with the Trump family for decades. She started out as a nanny, “with a glint in her eye and a lot of nervous energy,” Ivana writes in her book, “Raising Trump.” Carrie, a religious woman, knelt beside the Trump children’s beds every night, teaching them prayers their mother didn’t know in English. “I can’t say that religion plays a huge role in my life now, but I’m glad the kids grew up talking to God,” Ivana wrote in her 2017 book. The one-time nanny later became Ivana’s assistant and remained close to the family for years.

Curry, whose address is listed in probate documents as a middle-class apartment building in Queens, received a Florida apartment that online real estate services value at more than $1 million. The will also specifies that Carrie should receive a Yorkshire terrier from Ivana, named Tiger Trump. Ivana’s generosity reflects the fact that Carey has basically become part of the Trump family over the years. “Dorothy is my second mom,” Eric Trump explained in his mother’s book, recalling the time they spent in her native Ireland. “She raised me since I was a baby, and we are incredibly close — inseparable. I love her so much.”

Eric Trump is responsible for managing and resolving the estate, after his mother appointed him to be her personal representative. The will specifies that if he is unable to perform the duties, the responsibility will pass to Ivana’s accountant.

The estate also includes some overseas property. Ivana intended to leave a place in St. Tropez, France, for her ex-husband, Rossano Rubiconi. But the will fell after the death of Rubiconde, It said In 2021. Ivana gives another St. Tropez property to her friend, Evelyn Gallet. It’s not clear how she knew Ivana Galit, or who exactly she is, and representatives for the Trump Organization did not respond to the list of questions.

Ivana has left some for charity, too. She said all of her clothes should be turned over to the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army. She made one exception, directing her furs to be sold, with the proceeds going to her three children.

Records showing all of this are on file in Miami-Dade County, Florida. Ivana spent time in Miami in the winter, St. Tropez in the summer and New York City in the fall and spring. But she claimed Florida, a state that does not tax income, as her official residence. Donald Trump and their three children now live in the Sunshine State.

Ivana’s assets are large enough that the Trumps will have to file a federal estate tax return. The Internal Revenue Service allows anyone to pass on $12 million tax-free, but the government takes up to 40% of everything on top of that. Assuming Ivana’s assets add up to $34 million, estate taxes would amount to $8.7 million. In her will, Ivana specified that her assets should be used to cover those taxes.

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