Jan. 6, committee says Ivanka Trump wasn’t “coming up” with her testimony

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Ivanka Trump – who held office Senior White House Adviser During her father Donald Trump’s presidency – he reportedly testified remotely via video link for approximately eight hours on April 5th, 2022 before the United States House Committee Investigating the Siege of January 6, 2021 In the US Capitol Building. The 41-year-old mother-of-three’s testimony before a bipartisan congressional committee came just five days after husband Jared Kushner (a former fellow presidential advisor) answered the committee’s questions for more than six hours — and now we *FINALLY* get more Information about what she said!

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Ivanka Trump’s testimony before the US House of Representatives Committee

According to an executive brief released Monday, December 19 ahead of the committee’s final report which is due for release sometime this year, Ivanka “wasn’t as forthcoming as [other witnesses] On the behavior of President Trump.” According to the people, The committee believes it did not share it Complete recall of events which took place on January 6th, including a full description of what happened in a speech her father gave just hours before the Capitol riot.

when Committee staff Asked if Ivanka attended the Stop the Steal rally on the morning of the riot in an effort to “calm the president down,” she reportedly said “no,” adding, “I don’t know who said that or where that came from.” The panel also revealed that Ivanka “admitted” to some allegations surrounding her final months as a White House counselor, including that she and then-Attorney General William Barr agreed there was “no evidence” of significant election fraud. She reportedly approved of her father Watch the attack on the Capitol On TV “as it used to happen”.

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Ivanka’s former chief of staff lists more details

The committee reportedly considered that Julie Radford, Ivanka’s former chief of staff, “has a more specific recollection of Ivanka Trump’s actions and statements.” Radford reportedly told the committee that Ivanka was concerned about her father’s behavior after she overheard him speaking to Vice President Mike Pence, saying: “Ivanka shared that he called the vice president [an expletive word.] I think that upset her.” She added, “And I think she could tell based on the conversations and what was going on in the office that he was angry and upset and that people were giving misinformation.” And I felt she might be able to help calm the situation down, at least before he went on stage.”

Previous reports about the testimonials before the January 6 Commission

last year, Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, 41, told the Jan. 6 committee that he urged the then-president “not to take advice from Rudy Giuliani, who was promoting wild election conspiracy theories.” NBC News Writes. The committee’s interview session with Kushner contained many points, and in a short excerpt broadcast during the public hearing on June 13, Kushner was asked if he shared his beliefs about Giuliani’s legal work with the president at the time.

in the section, Kushner He says, “I think – yes.” When asked what he said to Trump, Kushner replied, “Basically, not the approach I would have taken if I were you.” NBC Reports, Trump is not affected. Kushner said Trump then said, “You know, I have confidence in Rudy.” The clip was played after Trump’s top advisers said Giuliani had apparently “drunk” goaded Trump into a victory declaration on election night, which the advisers disputed. Trump took Giuliani’s advice and delivered remarks from the White House saying, “Frankly, we won this election.”

The commission also showed a video of Ivanka Trump testifying that she did not believe her father was in a position to declare victory on Election Day. I stayed in the White House on election night and moved between the residence and a nearby room where some family members were. Asked if she was caught up in the debate about whether her father should confirm victory, Ivanka said: “I don’t know that I have a firm view of what he has to say, in the circumstances. The results are still being counted. It’s becoming clear.” That the race will not be held on election night.”

In a video the committee showed at its first hearing Thursday, the first daughter’s opinion swung weeks later when then-Attorney General William Barr said there was no evidence of any fraud that would affect the outcome of the 2020 election. My point. I respect Attorney General Barr, so I accepted what he was saying.”

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Donald Trump calls Ivanka’s Jan. 6 panel interview a ‘disgrace’ and ‘harassment’

The former chief sat down to discuss with Washington Post Soon after his daughter was interviewed by the January 6 Commission and called it a “disgrace” and “harassment”. The former first daughter voluntarily testified before the committee, her father said, too the post that he had offered a “concession” to his daughter and son-in-law, but neither of them would agree to it. As a former president, Trump knew he couldn’t offer a “sweeping executive privilege to protect testimony.” from the inside Writes. Trump said too the post that he did not know what his daughter had said to the committee members when testifying, and he did not know what her husband had said either.

One committee member reportedly called Kushner’s testimony “valuable” and was able to extract some “useful” information from it; Although it has not been released to the public yet. Rep. Penny Thompson, the committee’s Democratic chair, said of Kushner’s testimony, “Some things have been revealed, but we’ll share them a little later.”

Reportedly, Ivanka was “helpful” throughout the process

The commission has reportedly interviewed more than 800 witnesses in its attempts to compile the most accurate record of the attack. It is important to note that Ivanka never attempted to invoke her right to remain silent and was reportedly “answering questions” throughout her testimony. Ivanka was reportedly in the West Wing with her father at the time of the riot, and she was said to be one of the people who tried to convince him to call off the rioters.

Thompson said of her testimony at the time, “It answers questions. I mean, you know, not in broad babble terms, but it does answer questions.” Thompson also said Ivanka was cooperative throughout the process, adding, “She showed up on her own, and that obviously has a lot of value. We didn’t have to call.”

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