Jensen Ackles has become Batman in DCU Fan Art

Boys star Jensen Ackles becomes Batman in DCU fan art depicting what the Caped Crusader could look like under James Gunn’s command.

Jensen Ackles is imagined as James Gunn’s new DC Universe Batman Into a carefully crafted piece of fan art. The DCU is currently going through major changes, such as Suicide Squad The director was brought in, along with producer Peter Safran, to restructure DC’s film and TV productions. As part of the rebuilding process, the duo has rebranded the DCEU into the DCU and is expected to part ways with several existing actors in the franchise, which began with the news that Henry Cavill had been replaced as Superman. Ackles may be one of the first to join the new DCU, since the current Batman in-universe actor, Ben Affleck, may be looking to transition into a behind-the-scenes role.

Today display

artist shocking On Instagram, he shared concept art of Ackles as the DCU’s new Batman. The art piece has Ackles completely uncovered, while giving a stern look towards the camera. Batman Ackles Sports Costume It has a sleek design and fits nicely with the dark backdrop of the artist’s iconic home of The Dark Knight, Gotham City. The idea of ​​going for headshot style art gives a clean look to how Ackles can express emotions while wearing the suit. Check out the full art below:

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Why Jensen Ackles is the perfect choice for DCU Batman

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Rumors continue to swirl on the news and social media about characters, actors, and projects that could make the jump from the old Zack Snyder DCEU to Gunn’s reboot on the DC franchise. Currently, it was the only major recast confirmed by the new DC management Cavill’s exit as Superman in favor of a younger character, for whom Gunn is writing the script. If there’s a new Superman, logic would beg for a new Batman to meet him in the new DCU reboot. There are three live-action Batman movies currently scattered throughout the DC movie slate. Robert Pattinson will remain locked up in his home for the time being Batman angle, while Affleck and veteran Michael Keaton aren’t expected to make the jump as a character to the new DCU.

Ackles would be a great choice to co-lead the DCU alongside Superman as the new take on Batman. Actor’s performance in supernatural And modern The role of Soldier Boy in boys He’s shown to have the physicality of Batman and the ability to portray both the characters of Bruce Wayne, the gruff vigilante, and the simple boy. Ackles also has a history with the character, providing the voice for Jason Todd / Red Hood in the cartoon Batman: Under the Red Hood The movie that is highly appreciated by Batman fans. Most recently, Ackles was able to voice the role himself, playing The Dark Knight in the two animated parts Batman: The Long Halloween. Ackles continues as the current DC Animation voice of Batman, with a role in 2023 Legion of Superheroeswhich may bode well for his direct action opportunities.

Could Batman appear in James Gunn’s Superman reboot?


Current details available for Reworked DCU Superman reboot Being written by Gunn indicates that the character was early in his life, but the movie is not an origin story. Gunn’s script purportedly features Clark Kent joining the Daily Planet as a reporter and learning his way around with the help of a young Lois Lane. Gunn also explained that Superman has already met other DC superheroes when the film begins, which could mean there’s a chance one of those heroes will appear in the film, none better than Superman’s sidekick, Batman. . A Superman reboot would be a great place to introduce audiences to Ackles as Batman And it had him bonding with Superman from the very beginning, kicking off the new DCU with two-thirds of the iconic DCU on the big screen.

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