Jordan Spieth Enters LIV Golf Prank Chat

Jordan Spieth putt a putt on Thursday on the 17th hole at Waialae Country Club.

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Jordan Spieth, after a question about RVs, joked about LIV Golf.

And 2023 has not lost a single step in this matter.

To review, Spieth mostly stayed around the fray. In early July, it was his Social media channels got involved Note that the rumors he was having discussions with have been put down fiber, the Saudi-backed upstart series that begins its second season next month, which has supported the PGA Tour, the series in which it has played professionally for more than a decade. The next day, after the third round of the Scottish Open, Spieth repeated himself. And that’s all there is to it.

But then reporters asked him about the RV, the new mode of transportation for the season.

Jordan Spieth

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Nick Piastowski

It all started on a Tuesday, in Spieth Pre-Sony Open press conference, when he talked about where he’ll be at next month’s Phoenix Open, which takes place the same weekend as the Super Bowl. On Thursday, after Sonny’s first round in which Spieth shot six people under the age of 64, he shared more about the accommodations for him, his wife Annie, and 1-year-old son Sammy.

“Just camping, you know,” said Speth. “Slumping. It must be a lot of fun. It was kind of like having a house down the road. I got the same mattress that I have at home and we’d leave a lot of Sammy’s stuff on the bus so we wouldn’t pack a lot and could ride her a lot between events due to the way the West Coast swings – especially the Florida swings. That should make traveling, settling in, and packing a little easier.

“Yeah, looking forward to it. I actually stayed in it once.”

At the CJ Cup last fall?


What are the dimensions?

“I don’t know the dimensions,” Spieth told a reporter. “Yeah, and if I did, I don’t think I’d tell you. That would just be giving you a tour of my house, I guess.”

Have you driven it yet?

“I haven’t driven it. I plan on driving it on a stretch of open road sometime when it’s not pulling out of Phoenix and not in LA, but maybe switch and just do it for an hour because it’ll be fun.”

Jordan Spieth

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Nick Piastowski

Who drives it?

“We have a driver, yeah, a guy who did that to some other guys.”

Was there someone who inspired him to buy it?

“We tried one, and the Harding Park PGA, so we tested it there. Annie had wanted one for a while. I didn’t really want one before Sammy, like knowing he’d sleep through the night and the schedule and all that, because the housing is close compared to renting a house.”

“So she’d wanted one for a while, and it was just a matter of if the perfect one came along at the right time, and it did last fall.”

What should be ideal about it?

“Just like that — I mean, it’s not a simple purchase, so we really liked it, the style that wouldn’t have required a lot of maintenance, we had the right driver positioning, the right space. The way they’re all built is different, so we just need it to be a platform. appropriate drilling.

However, Spieth was also asked what it was like to stay in it.

And he had a LIV connection.

Here’s how to hook up an RV and threaten the PGA Tour.

“I was there alone [at the CJ Cup] So I had a lot of space, and we haven’t uploaded it yet,” he said. “We just got it. Yes, it will be fun. There’s a number — at one point, I think there were a dozen guys, four of whom went to LIV and sold their numbers because they didn’t really have the full swings. It’s hard going from Saudi Arabia to Chicago for a two-week trip in an RV.

“I think that has a lot to do with it. But I don’t know.”

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