Jordan Walker Strikes for Cardinals, Other 2023 Predictions for St. Louis Sports

In terms of winning percentage, I’m going to need a big upcoming season to stay out of the hot seat. But if we’re going by hitting average, I’m an All-Star, batting a hair over . 400.

Mine Crystal ball predictions for the St. Louis sports scene for 2022 A record of some winners, some losers, and some reminders of why trying to predict what will happen in our strange world of sports—let alone betting on it—is a risky business.

Looking back

• Had Adam Wainwright lead the Cardinals in quality starts and innings pitched before riding with catcher Yadier Molina into retirement. Miles Mikulas beat him (not by much) in both categories, and then Wainwright surprised me by coming back for another ride. Wainwright likes to turn other people’s doubts into motivation. He has a pipeline full of fresh fuel going into his 41 season.

People also read…

• I accurately predicted that Major League Baseball owners and players would resolve their labor dispute before destroying the regular season. A late spring training and very long shutout finished just in time to save a full 162-game roster. By the time the World Series wrapped, baseball fans had mostly forgotten the sour feelings toward the labor struggle and reverted to more familiar sentiments, such as disdain for the Houston Astros.

• Caught by Cardinals player Dylan Carlson who became an All-Star. I was wise of my concern about outfielder Tyler O’Neal’s struggle to stay on the court. She believed that the Cardinals front office would be more aggressive in addressing roster weaknesses in the season that had developed. The latter was mostly true.

Trade additions to starters Jordan Montgomery and Jose Quintana at the deadline helped cement the division winner. It wasn’t Juan Soto, but he was the most offensive shutout in a Cardinals trade in years. If they don’t do more than sign free catcher Willson Contreras this season, they’ll need to be more aggressive at the next trade deadline. This team still lacks National League power. Nobody is fooled.

• I saw the Blues go deeper in the latest edition of the playoffs. Does the team that won the Stanley Cup in the second round count as being ejected? Who knows where the Blues would have gone if Nazim Kadri’s strike on Jordan Bennington had not overturned a tied chain. Deep running is not happening this time. Postseason fouled is most likely.

• Mizzo didn’t stick with men’s basketball coach Cuonzo Martin for another season like I expected, and the success of Dennis Gates made the coaching change seem wise. Mizzou got off to its best start since Martin’s 2020-21 season, which started with a 13-3 uptick that included big wins over No. 21 Oregon, No. 6 Illinois, No. 6 Tennessee, Kentucky and No. 10 Alabama before Jeremiah turned the Tilmon family’s season on its head. on heels. Some still try to rewrite the Martin era as being all bad. I did not get it. Regardless, Gates is doing a great job.

• I’ve seen the Battlehawks make a comeback, but I still wonder if this version of the XFL will catch on with STL fans. The new ownership is very beloved with the NFL, and now there’s a new Major League Soccer team to compete with for attention.

• I was hoping the wait for Torry Holt’s Hall of Fame was over. you did not. At least Dick Vermeil’s income is due. Hopefully Holt hears good news soon, but another packed stadium could lengthen Holt’s waiting game.

I look forward

Here are the picks I order for 2023:

• Cardinals star prospect Jordan Walker will make the big club come out of spring training, then win National League Rookie of the Year. big pressure? Yeah. But it is built to handle it. Also: Contreras’ eye-catching new addition will be an All-Star.

• The Blues will turn the page. It has always been difficult to see the now-injured Vladimir Tarasenko with this team after this season, and hopes now of securing a contract extension for fellow suspended free agent and captain Ryan O’Reilly are clouded not only by the salary cap situation, but by the team’s struggles with his injury. The most important part of this blues season can be shortened to make sure that the future will be better.

• Football coach Mizzou Eli Drinkwitz will appoint the Offensive Play Coordinator, and his fate will depend on this hiring. After Boise State hired coach Bush Hamdan, who pushed the offense forward late in the season after taking over those duties, the Tigers took a step back in a bowl game loss to Wake Forest with Drinkowitz once again in the playing bench. Drinkwitz has a growing salary package to play with. He must nail that designation, or he could end up in the path of Barry Odom receiving a one-season buyout after receiving a raise and extension.

• St. Louis City will be in the playoffs in its first season. Only eight expansion teams, and none have been successful since 2020. City SC is not the traditional expansion team, thanks to the extra time provided by the unfortunate pandemic. The guide will appear on the field instantly.

• The Cardinals’ front office will be transitioning. General Manager Michael Gersh and Assistant General Manager and Director Scouting Randy Flores had contracts extended last season. Chief of Baseball Operations John Mozeliak is entering the final season of his deal. What he likes, who knows, but some changes are approaching.

• Speaking of the Cardinals’ front office, Mozeliak and his decision makers are going to swing a big deal for a proven starting pitcher before the regular season begins. I do not buy their stated confidence in this current group. Too many question marks. There are too many chances for more question marks to arise in spring training.

• Mizzou’s team would win its first NCAA Tournament game since – check notes – 2010. Frank Heath has yet to win an NCAA Tournament match at Mizzou. Kim Anderson has never trained in one. Martin went 0-2. Gates will come in and get at least one win in 2023. His now ranked Tigers are malformed, hungry, and deeper than advertised.

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