Justin Thomas dishes on his wife’s knowledge of golf

From left, during the 2019 Masters Par-3 event: Rickie Fowler; Justin Thomas and his wife Jillian; Fowler’s wife, Alison; and Jordan Spieth and his wife, Annie.


Justin Thomas smiles before the question is asked. It’s no doubt an interesting subject for those who know golf – married to those who may once have only heard of the exotic sport of stick and ball.

“When you met Jill, or when you went out on your first date, what was her level of golf knowledge, where is she now and how did we get there?”

“I have a lot of funny stories about this,” Thomas He said.

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Be sure — as Gillian Wisniewski likely does when the conversation turns to marketing, her profession. Each job has its own idiosyncrasies, and when it is introduced to someone, comedy ensues. However, golf is among the most unusual of all games, and welcoming it can present some whirlpools, especially to readers of a website that shares a name with the sport.

So take it away, JT.

So her level of knowledge of golf was very low,” Thomas said on Wednesday a week ago this week. Champions Tournament. “So I went to college with all my friends in Kentucky, and that’s how I met her. Whenever I came home, I’d visit my friends in the UK, and my BFFs would be with all my best friends.

So I met her and told a funny story about, earlier that year when I thought I had won Malaysia. [in 2015 and ’16] Or something where all my friends, being such good friends, would put the bar at golf. Because of the time change, it was 12:00, 1 am, golf was on. Tells a story, I was so confused why my friends wanted to play golf in the bar at 12 or 1. Like that makes no sense. Like she wasn’t really asking, but just was, in her head, she was like, This is really weird. And then once we met and became friends, I get it; Well, that makes sense.

And to her level of golf knowledge, I was texting with her today and told her the pro might be a little longer because it’s a cart-only course. And she asked, what is a cart-only course? So I had to explain to her the cart-only course.

“But she – she’s learning. Golf, her level of golf knowledge is excellent. Absolutely perfect.”

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A reporter asked: “You mean perfect…”.

“Just enough and not too much,” said Thomas, who married Wisniewski in November.

pointed out. The topic was also brought up Scotty Scheffler He pressed the pre-tournament, and his story was also similar. He met his wife, Meredith, a freshman in high school.

How much golf did she know when she was a student?

“Zero,” Scheffler said.

So take it away, Scotty.

“I remember specifically when we were dating in high school, I had an opportunity — I won the All-American Junior in 2013. And in 2014, I had the opportunity to play in Byron Nelson as a high school senior,” said Scheffler, who married Meredith in December of 2020. And Meredith, Like I was at her house one day, we were hanging out with her dad or something, and the ad came on TV. And she kind of looked around, and she was like, Wait a minute, isn’t that next week, isn’t that what you’re doing? And I said, yeah, That’s what I do. She’s like, ‘Wow, that’s cool.’ And I said, ‘Okay.’

“And I learned quickly. She’s been in the game for eight years now? Yeah, eight years. Almost nine. She’ll be nine at the end of this year.”

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“Did you start dating as a freshman?” a reporter asked.

We started dating our senior year. But, yeah, she’s a freshman in the game, Scheffler said with a smile. She came to learn it. She’s spent a lot of time with my parents, who both love golf, and she’s learning.”

“She does not play?” a reporter asked.

“No. I got some great videos of her at the Wives event last year — it sucks,” Scheffler said.

Why didn’t we see her?

“Because she probably won’t let me take him out,” Scheffler said, laughing again.

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