Kim Kardashian Has People To Worry About Climate Change For Her, Apparently

Kardashian attends the Met Gala in May.

Kardashian attends the Met Gala in May.
picture: Demetrius Kamboris / Met Museum / Vogue (Getty Images)

Climate change is stressing Kim Kardashian — and she wants everyone to know that no one, even big stars who take 10-minute flights on private jets, can be “100% perfect” when it comes to climate activism.

in cover interview With Interview Magazine hitting newsstands Wednesday, the star talks about her vegan diet, activism on behalf of the wrongfully convicted, and Pete Davidson; She is also asked about climate change. Let’s take a look at what Kim thinks about the rapid heat death of our planet.

Interview: global warming. It is actually crazy. There are fires in the south of France, the amphitheater is melting in England. Do you feel you are doing anything to combat and prevent it? To be honest, I don’t think I do that often, and I’m curious what your thoughts are?

Kardashian: I believe in climate change, and I think anything can help. But I also believe in realism and I think sometimes there is a lot to worry about on this planet, and it can be really scary to live your life with anxiety. I have friends who are involved in the topic of climate change, and I love learning from them. I do what I can, but you have to choose what really suits you in your life.

Ottenberg: Yes.

Kardashian: No one is going to be 100% perfect.

Whew! Let’s unpack that.

Outwardly, Kim’s words are very correct. No one will be 100% perfect on climate change. like the man in Mr. Gotcha ComedyThose of us who care about climate change are trapped in a system created and perpetuated by capitalism, where our individual choices mean nothing compared to the big fixes we need. It is absurd to live a life of climate anxiety; We all face Huge mission To learn how to balance our fear of impending disaster and our motivation for change with the realities in which we must continue to exist.

But hearing one of the world’s most famous women, who has a net worth of $1.8 billion, complain that worrying about climate change simply isn’t “working” in her life is very infuriating. As I wrote last month when Taylor Swift was dragged into using her private jetThere is a fine line between recognizing that climate change is a systemic problem that requires systemic solutions and excusing the incredibly wasteful individual behaviours. Ultra-rich habits like Kim Kardashian are not normal and are not ‘compatible with a climate-secure future with equality and justice for all. We do not need to advance A tolerant and adjoining mental health framework for someone who is capable Hire a private firefighter When the forest fires threatened her neighborhood.

And the Kardashians have plenty of climate crimes to feel guilty about. Kim And her sister Kylie has been offering new private jets over the past few months. In July, he boarded Kim’s plane 10 minute trip Between two suburbs of Los Angeles — a trip that emitted a whole ton of carbon dioxide. according to US Environmental Protection Agency Emissions Calculatorthis is equivalent to driving a passenger car more than 2,250 miles, which is about the same distance as a Cross-country trip from South Carolina to California.

Kim and the rest of her family were recently dinged due to excessive use of water During a drought by Los Angeles water regulators: In June, Kim’s home used 232,000 gallons more than the allowable limit, while her sister Kourtney’s property exceeded 101,000 gallons. Kim’s excess water use amounts to more than 7,700 gallons per day; The average American family uses it About 300 gallons of water per day. Given the severe and persistent drought in California that is fueled by climate change, there are certainly better uses for all that water than whatever uses Kim chooses to sprinkle it on.

All of these wasteful behaviors may seem like a normal life for the wealthy, but they consume a huge amount of the world’s resources. The systemic changes we need will never work if individual behaviors don’t change as well, and easy fixes like restoring the excessive waste of the super-rich are some of the lowest fruit we can find.

Kim, if you’re reading this: you should Be more anxious.

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