Lakers News: What Max Christie Can Do for the Lakers

Max Christie is a hardworking young player with the potential to be a key contributor to a Los Angeles Lakers looking to return to his former glory. Drafted into the 2022 second-round draft, Christie will look to become an integral part of one of the greatest franchises in NBA history. While the Lakers hope it can contribute in the short and long term.

While Christie’s professional pedigree hasn’t been tested, it is current NBA betting odds They are already proving him to be one of the players who can help turn the Lakers around and contribute to another string of titles, possibly early this season.

Who is Max Christie?

Kristi is a 19-year-old ballerina from Illinois who has spent a season playing Michigan State. While playing with the Spartans, Kristi would earn a spot on the Big 10 All-Freshman Team, alongside the likes of Bryce McGowans and Chucky Hepburn.

Christie was a five-star recruit before he headed to Michigan and was widely seen as one of, if not the best shooting guards in the 2021 class, even though he only played one season with Michigan.

He scored a season’s best 21 points in the win over Nebraska and averaged 9.3 points and 3.5 rebounds. He was then drafted with the 35th selection by the Lakers and debuted in the 2022 Summer League.

In his first match, he scored five points and nine rebounds in a 100–66 win against the Heat. Soon, he signed a contract on the junior range with the Lakers.

Best Career Path

Christie will be a long-term project for the Lakers. This season, he will likely suffer from the same problems as most recruits; He wouldn’t have the speed, strength, or mentality of a pro player yet.

His first goal should be to get into the spin and then spark energy off the bench. You might kill several teams in order to get a player like Kristi, who they can bring in to sink a few three-pointers or be a player who can run up and down the field for a quarter or two.

He will need to work on his shot, and until he reaches the physical level he needs, his ball handling and defense skills will show. This is an area in which he has shined in Michigan, and the Lakers will be hoping for more of the same.

worst case scenario

The worst case scenario for Kristi is not being fired when he needs to. The Lakers are not a team that will wait for you to decide how you play, and there will be additional pressures if players like Jaden Hardy, who was picked after him, perform well.

There is a lot of pressure associated with choosing in the second round. Teams expect you to be a starter, they expect you to be physical, and most importantly, they expect you to be the reason they win.

He’s now part of a team that includes several world class ocean players, and for Kristi to stand out, he’ll have to work even harder than in the past.

Role in the Lakers

As mentioned, Kristi will have a limited role, but that doesn’t mean he won’t start right away. The Lakers stressed their need to build young players quickly, especially with top hitters like LeBron James And Anthony Davis growing up.

Many believe that one of the best things Kristi can do is play ten minutes a game, split into two bouts. The Lakers, a team desperate to have two solid, consistent shooters, will want to get their attention as soon as possible.

Kristi has every chance to impress you, even off the bench. If his shooting wasn’t up to standard, he could use his formidable defensive capabilities to provide cover. However, if he can find his shot form, the Lakers will have a player they can bring in whenever they need to sink a few buckets and either build a lead or catch up.

By all accounts, the Lakers had a steal with Kristi, whichever way you look at it. A young, agile shooter with a knack for defending, he is precisely the type of player that a team in transition needs to perform at the highest level.

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