‘Last of Us’ episode 2 release date, time, and trailer for HBO’s zombie show

After a terrible startHBO’s The last of us Attracting the masses and preparing them for what is to come. With new stakes at stake and perilous landscapes to traverse, Episode 2 promises plenty of post-apocalyptic action to unfold.

attracting 4.7 million viewers, The last of us It is officially the most watched premiere in HBO history. Even after revealing events video game Turned into a live-action TV series host, there’s a lot to learn about the state of the world and the show’s protagonists, including how The fatal infection I came out and why exactly Ellie is so special. Audiences will soon see how real the dangers await the characters in the outside world, with zombie-like humanoids lurking in the shadows of the deserted city ahead of Joel, Tess and Ellie.

With the next installment due around the corner, here’s everything you need to know The last of us Episode 2, including its release date, plot, trailer, and more.

When is the release date The last of us Episode 2?

Episode 2 of The last of us Arrives on HBO and HBO Max on Sunday, January 22, 2023.

What is the release time The last of us Episode 2?

Ellie, Tess and Joel venture outside Boston.HBO

The last of us It airs at 9 PM ET on HBO and HBO Max every week on Sundays.

How many episodes are left? The last of us?

The last of us The first season consists of nine episodes, which means that after this week, there are seven episodes left.

What is a plot The last of us Episode 2?

Joel crosses paths with the infected.HBO

Episode 2 of The last of usTitled “Infected,” it will focus on Joel, Tess, and Ellie as they sneak out of the Boston Sanctuary in order to deliver Ellie to a group of fireflies. Along the way, the trio will have to navigate through an abandoned hotel, with their path complicated. Arriving at a running time of 55 minutes, the second installment will also highlight The origins of toxic fascism.

Who is in the cast The last of us?

Tess understands the importance of keeping Ellie alive.HBO

The last of us It stars Pedro Pascal as Joel Miller and Bella Ramsey as Eli Williams. Besides this central duo, the show features:

  • Anna Torv as Joel’s partner and fellow smuggler, Tess Servopoulos
  • Gabriel Luna as Joel’s younger brother, Tommy Miller
  • Nico Parker as Joel’s daughter, Sarah Miller
  • Merle Dandridge as head of the Marilyn Fireflies militia
  • Nick Offerman as the orphaned survivor, Frank
  • Murray Bartlett as Frank, Bill’s partner
  • Storm Reid as Ellie’s best friend, Riley Abel
  • Lamar Johnson as a young refugee, Henry
  • Kevon Woodard as Henry’s younger brother, Sam

The show will also feature new characters who did not appear in the original video game, including Melanie Lynskey as revolutionary leader Kathleen, as well as Ellen Miles and Graham Greene as married survivors Florence and Marlon. Also slated to appear are Troy Baker, Ashley Johnson, and Jeffrey Pierce, the video game voice actors for Joel, Ellie, and Tommy, respectively.

Is there a trailer for The last of us Episode 2?

Although there is no trailer dedicated to Episode 2, HBO has released a teaser for the coming weeks. Tess is shown questioning Ellie about who she is and Why is it so important, as well as telling the teen that even if she is immune to infection, she is not immune to death. The clip also teases the treacherous journey Joel, Tess, and Ellie take through deserted Boston in the next episode, with some of the infected crossing their paths. In addition, it gives a glimpse of the other threats that await them outside of the zombie-like creatures.

what happened in The last of us episode 1?

Joel and his daughter Sarah in the first episode. HBO

Episode 1 of The last of us, titled “When You’re Lost in the Dark”, begins with an ominous introduction by a scientist on a 1960s talk show who warns of a potentially catastrophic fungal plague should the Earth warm in the future. Fast forward to 2003 in Austin, Texas, and We meet young Sarah She makes breakfast for her father, Joel, on the morning of his birthday before he heads off to work with his brother, Tommy. Later, she returns home after Fixing her father’s broken watch as a birthday present and goes to her neighbours’ house. Inside, we see a glimpse of the elderly, wheelchair-bound mother crouching behind Sarah.

Later that night, Sarah is awakened by the sound of planes overhead and her father outside the house. Attempting to bring home her terrified neighbour’s dog, she wanders into their home only to discover a horrific sight of a neighbor dead and bloodied, with an elderly woman on the floor eating the other. Sarah runs away from the house and the old lady chases after her and runs inside Joel and his brother pulled into their truck. To Sarah’s shock, Joel whacks their frenzied neighbor with a wrench, and they quickly drive away.

Seeing the highway blocked by the military, the trio cut across a field, but end up in a town engulfed in chaos. After their truck crashes, Sarah fractures her ankle and she and her father separate from Tommy. Amidst the dead bodies in the street, they were spotted by an infected person and hurried their way. With Sarah in his arms, Joel runs to escape the obsessed creature. As she approaches, a soldier shoots the injured human but aims his assault rifle at Joel and Sarah. After hearing a command from his radio, the soldier apologizes and starts shooting at them, but a sudden shot from Tommy knocks the soldier down. Unharmed and lying on the ground, Joel turns to see that Sarah has been injured and, in a heartbreaking scene, his daughter dies in his arms.

Twenty years later, we meet Joel in a military-controlled area of ​​post-apocalyptic Boston, after a zombie-like outbreak has devastated human civilization. The area is controlled by Phaedra, which enforces strict curfews and is looking to take down an anti-tyranny militia group called the Fireflies. Joel is currently working odd jobs to earn money, including disposing of infected bodies in a communal fire pit. We see him picking up a child’s body the same way he carried his daughter and throwing her into the fire. As another one of his jobs, Joel smuggles opiates, among other things, into the Exclusion Zone, selling them to FEDRA agents and civilians alike. We also learn that his brother, Tommy, is missing somewhere outside of Boston and we haven’t heard from him for weeks.

Elsewhere in a secret location, a sassy teenage girl is locked and watched in a room. When Marilyn, the boss of the Boston Fireflies, goes to see her, we learn that the girl’s name is Ellie and she is a very important asset to the Fireflies and away from FEDRA.

Meanwhile, Joel’s partner, Tess, is beaten and kidnapped by someone who betrayed them by selling their car battery, but a bomb explodes near the building and they escape. When she returns to Joel’s house, they decide to go after the traitor and recover their stolen car battery. Traveling through the forbidden subway tunnels, they come across a terrifying dead creature with an advanced type of infection. After breaking into a dead end, Joel and Tess find a dead car battery, as well as a few newly dead people on the ground. They encounter Marlin, another Fireflies member, and Eli, who runs at Joel with a knife, who kicks him aside. With her original plans lost, Marilyn tells Joel and Tess that in exchange for Ellie being transported safely to the Fireflies location, she will give them a running truck, which Joel will apparently use to find his brother. Tess and Joel agree to the job.

Beginning their nighttime escape, Tess and Joel lead Ellie through a secret tunnel they have dug for smuggling. While avoiding capture, they run into an out-of-position FEDRA agent. He orders them to remain still while he holds a device each to test if they are infected, but when he reaches Ellie, she attacks him with her knife. With the minion’s weapon now pointing at Ellie, Instinct takes over Joel And beat the soldier until you reach his bloody pulp. Tess then alerts Joel that the device is showing Ellie testing positive for the infection. However, Ellie insists she was bitten weeks ago, whereas people usually succumb to infection and change within a day. As the army approaches, Joel and Tess flee with Ellie.

Will there be a file The last of us Season 2?

The series has not yet been announced for renewal, but it is likely that there will be at least one additional season of the series The last of uson condition The show’s creators are Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin She hinted at the future of the show. In addition, there is a lot of source material for adapting the plot of the video game The Last of Us Part One And The second part – With the third part It might be on the way.

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