Learn about the company that sells Bear Markets insurance, how Bill Gates’ republic-backed services are turning trash into big cash and more for small business owners.

IInflation continues to affect small businesses severely. some 85% of small business owners The survey expressed concern about inflation, while 67% raised prices in response to inflation, according to data from MetLife and the US Chamber of Commerce.

While fears of a recession lingered for some time, Forbes contributor Rohit Arora writes Inflation always happens, so small business owners must be prepared. Here’s how Main Street can do it Surviving rising costs and looming recession.

Many companies cut unnecessary expenses and come up with new ideas to generate sales. But sometimes the best time to sell things is when the world collapses. This is true for Simplify Asset Management, which sells bear market insurance. Co-founded by Paul Kim and David Burns Simplify asset managementwhich markets exchange-traded funds that protect portfolios from catastrophes such as stock market crashes and sharp rises in interest rates.

While the 23-employee company isn’t in the black yet, Kim expects it will be soon. “ETFs are like a movie studio,” Kim said. Forbes. “You are looking for a huge company to finance the business.” He says he wouldn’t admit to praying for a catastrophic bear market in stocks or bonds, which is much worse than what we had, but that an event like this is likely to make that flagship. Forbes Senior Shareholder William Baldwin. Read more about the company here.

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How Bill Gates-backed Republican Services are turning trash into big money

Garbage was the ultimate commodity business until a young McKinsey consultant saw how Republic Services could turn itself into a profit machine by pricing all kinds of trash at higher prices. He is now CEO of the outperforming garbage giant, which generated $11.3 billion in sales in 2021 thanks to its 198 landfills, 71 recycling centers and collection methods in 41 states.

Key quote: “Trash is worth a lot more than we thought.” – John Vander Ark, CEO of Republic Services

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Evidence is mounting that an economic downturn is looming: the Federal Reserve raised interest rates again last week, the economy shrank in the second quarter, and in the face of it all, startup funding has dwindled dramatically. This makes it all the more impressive for companies that continue to operate. Take the company-to-company payments software Balance, for example, which Raised its value to 356 million dollars After a recent equity financing round that brought in $56 million.

A little-known CEO of Goldman Sachs-backed logistics software company Slync.io was living in a big place just a few weeks ago, flying in his private jet to attend exclusive golf tournaments and buy luxury cars. But now, the 34-year-old CEO, Chris Kirchner suspended from my turn distance Forbes investigation that found Some employees have not been paid for nearly two months and have been fired after asking questions about the company’s money.

The majority of startups were the most valuable in the United States Founded by immigrantsaccording to a report last month by the National Foundation for American Policy, which is authored by Forbes Contributor Stuart Anderson. In fact, 64% of unicorns in the United States—privately owned businesses valued at $1 billion or more—were started by immigrants or the children of immigrants.

If you’re looking to grow your small business’ customer base, one of the things you should be sure to do is build a strong Google profile – over 60% of customers check Google reviews online before they start a business. Here’s what you can It needs to be done to keep your feedback plentiful and strong.

About 100 black-owned business vendors set up shop on a Sunday afternoon in the nation’s capital last month for the city’s first “Black on the Block” celebration. In keeping with a tradition that began in Los Angeles last year, the movement acquired Franklin Park, held in partnership with Buffalo Bills wide receiver and Stefon Diggs from the US capital, and drew about 5,000 people. Read more here.

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