Longtime cigarette smoker TODD LA TORRE explains how he is able to hit all the high notes in the songs of QUEENSR ŸCHE

In the last episode of “speak louder” Podcast, hosted by a veteran music journalist “Metal Dave” Gelsner And a lifelong rock/metal singer Jason McMaster (dangerous toys),Queensrich‘s would like not tory Discuss how the fact that he was a longtime cigarette smoker affected – or not – his singing voice. said the 48-year-old musician, who lives in Saint Petersburg, Florida (as written by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “[Legendary heavy metal singer Ronnie James] duet smoke forever. [Luciano] Pavarotti [one of the legendary Three Tenors and widely regarded as one of the greatest singers of the 20th century] smoke forever. Granted, I think he died of lung cancer [laughs]But he sang like a damn bird.

“Look, there is a great singer named Fabio Leone; He’s an Italian guy,” would you like to I continued. “And he’s kind of power metal, singing melody. I mean, that guy smokes like a chimney. He might be my age or the same ballpark or older.”

“I remember when I joined glory crissonSome friends were saying, ‘You should go to this singing coach. He taught midnight [late CRIMSON GLORY singer]. or midnight He took lessons from him. And so did I… “Blah blah blah. And I just went for an assessment: What am I doing right? What am I doing wrong?” would you like to He remembers. “I don’t know what to do; I do whatever I do. He said, ‘You know how many people come to me like you?'” And I said, ‘Maybe a lot.’ He said, ‘Very little.’ He says, ‘You have amazing technology.’ You have…” blah blah blah blah blah.” “But now we’re going to go… I want to find your weaknesses. Let’s try to build this.”

“People go, ‘Do you warm up? Do you do this? “Ninety percent of the time, I’m literally–if I’m just being honest–I’m going to have a coffee and I’ll smoke and a pre-run roll and I’ll go [have a final puff of the cigarette]. Then I go out and sing. I have done it forever.

“[The voice coach] I said… I said, “Look, I’m a smoker.” He’s like, “I’m going to give you my honest opinion on this. I was a professional vocal coach for…” blah blah blah. He says, ‘Look, that’s unhealthy. I’m not going to sit here and tell you it’s healthy. It’s not. It’s bad for your health.’ He says, ‘As far as singing, in my opinion, [after] Doing this for 40 years, I don’t think it will ever ruin your singing voice. I think, number one, everyone is different. But he said everything is conditioning.

“It’s funny because there are people who smoke weed but don’t smoke cigarettes” La Torre added. And they’d be, like, ‘Smoking cigarettes is bad for you.’ They don’t consider themselves smokers because they smoke weed. I’m, like, ‘Listen, you inhale smoke, and it’s a nuisance and it’s going to dehydrate you.’ And I still suck at these things.”

“You’re hydrating from the inside out, so when you pass water into your voice, yeah, that might be a little soothing but you don’t necessarily hydrate the vocal folds the way you’re hydrated by consuming water for tissues and muscles and things like that. So it’s visualization that thinks People are, “Oh, if I drink something, the fluid going through my throat is going to make my vocal cords somehow fine.” So I drink water all day, and I don’t drink—I’ve never drunk weed in my life; I’ve never taken any drugs Other than nicotine, which I admit I quit for two years. Many years ago, there was a disease in the family, and then, out of tension, I started again. It was a very serious illness that used to run in my family. But during those two years that I quit, And I was still singing like I do, I’ve never sung better, and it didn’t change my voice Absolutely; I didn’t sing higher because of it. It was exactly the same.

“People will sit there and say, ‘Oh, he didn’t hit that note. The smoke is not working for him.” But the next night I will go out and crush her,” La Torre said. “I’ve smoked a pack ever since. And what are they going to say next? It’s, say, you don’t care that I’m talking; I’m on a tour bus with recycled air; there are people getting sick around you; I’m only performing 17 Queensrich Back-to-back songs, which are – let’s be honest – not easy for people to sing, so they require a lot of vocals.

“I’m not trying to advocate smoking, but it’s a very fair comment, ‘Hey, it probably does you no favors.'” “I agree with that – it is not.”

Philip Anselmo (Pantera),Corey Taylor (Slipknot) And the udo directschneider (Acceptance) is among other rock and heavy metal singers who have admitted to smoking cigarettes in the past.

In a 2009 interview with San Francisco ChronicleAnd the Priest Judas Singer Rob Halford He said he “quit smoking” long ago in order to take better care of his voice.

Back in 2014, previously iron maid Singer Paul Diano He insisted that his voice was in better shape than HalfordAlthough he was still drinking and smoking. “I’m hitting notes Rob Halford You can’t hit anymore,” pee said at the time. “And the reason is, I don’t make a fuss about it. Some people go, ‘I have a slight cough; Let’s cancel the entire show. If you look at my tour schedule, it’s brutal. I usually do this five, six, seven days a week. I’m still smoking, I’m still drinking – I’m still drinking it dude.”

In a 2013 interview with MyglobalmindAnd the beautiful maids Singer Ronnie AtkinsThe secret to keeping his voice in shape is “20 cigarettes a day and a bit of a drink now and then,” joked, who is now battling stage 4 cancer.

pop star lady gaga She admitted in a 2020 interview that she smoked “40 cigarettes a day” before finally quitting.

according to Tobacco free life“The effects of smoking on the vocal folds are almost entirely negative. You may be able to get a coarse quality in your vocals that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to achieve, but you’ll get [experience an] The effect on your range, the control you have over your voice and your stamina as a performance component. “

In an interview conducted in December 2021 with Sally Steel From Vegas Rocks! magazineA native Queensrich Singer Jeff Tate He was asked if he drank or smoked in the early years of his career. “[I did] He replied, “Everything.”[But] I didn’t make it a habit. I like to drink this is no secret. I definitely drink. I don’t think these things will necessarily stop you from singing, as long as you keep things in moderation and exercise… you have to keep things under control. Smoking is definitely not a good thing, though. I [smoked cigarettes] When I was a kid – When I was young. [But] I had to [stop]. “

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