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Here are some Monday thoughts from the Hoops Lab, as we gear up for Week 16 of the fantasy basketball season. Keep in mind that the fantasy basketball rankings for the rest of the season are also updated on Mondays, so check those rankings as you prepare for this week’s games. Between the ratings and this article, we’ll also help you identify some good buy-low/sell candidates. So, without further ado, let’s dive into it.

LA Duos Comfort / Pregnancy Management

On Sunday, the Clippers sat out both Kawhi Leonard And Paul George The second half from noon to noon. On Monday, the Lakers already announced they’re sitting both out LeBron James And Anthony Davis On the front half from back to back. This makes sense for both teams, because of the massive and tangible threat of injury to these players on a game-to-play basis. The Lakers just came back last week, and all four players have lost significant time this season and historically. However, the team’s decisions to sit out both superstars at once have a definite effect on the fantasy hoops’ long-term strategy.

First of all, we’ve known for years that Kawhi doesn’t play halfback for fullback. This has been the case ever since he got to the Raptors, let alone the Clippers. The question is whether it’s George, LeBron or Um across town. All three are already severe enough injury risks that it affects their fantasy value in the long run, but if they start baking in losing streaks as consistently as Leonard, it will lower their cap to the 75% that we have to use for Leonard.

Secondly, on both teams, the star duo make up a large portion of the team’s output each night. So, if the team(s) plan to sit down with their players regularly, it becomes a regular big push for their teammates. for clippers, Norman Powell (Available in 71.5% of leagues) He goes from high-scoring sixth man to legitimate PPG scorer 22-28 when Kohei and George both come out. on the lakers, Russell Westbrook He goes from rookie fantasy to triple-double night threat while Thomas Byrant (available in % of the leagues) goes from reserve to legitimate 20-10 threat.

So, I’ll be watching what the Lakers look like Monday with LeBron and AD sitting out, and I’ll be watching both teams’ next matchups to see if the half-sitting strategy is a one-way or a one-off (for all but Kawhi), so I can plan accordingly.

Giannis is back and well…for now

Giannis is another starter who took periodic sore knee days that I assumed were managing loads, until earlier this month, when he tried to pitch but was a fluke himself averaging 12.7 PPG on 34.4 FG% for three games. extension. Giannis sat around for about two weeks, and the rest seemed to have done the trick as he returned to posting video game numbers on a regular basis. In his last three rides, Giannis has averaged 41.3 PPG, 13.0 RPG, 4.7 APG, 1.7 3PG and 1.3 SPG in just 31.7 mpg. Giannis is explosive with competence, which fictional directors must love to see, but…just saying.

I think Giannis is the best player in the NBA, and I’m confident he’ll show that in the postseason. But I’m less optimistic about the regular season, where (just like the situations in Los Angeles) the Bucks are a veteran team who’s recently been plagued by injury and focused on keeping their youth healthy for the postseason. If I had Giannis on my fantasy team, I might seriously consider whether I wanted to go out of the season hoping he’d be available every night, or if it would instead be worth taking advantage of his ridiculous numbers to trade him in at the peak. just an idea.

Pacers work

There are two very interesting situations for the Pacers this week. First, Therese Halliburton He returned to coaching on at least a part basis, and is now listed as a “game time decision” rather than an “out”. Obviously, his possible return in the near future is big news as he has established himself as a producer for this season’s Top 10 Fantasy Episodes. However, it also has ramifications for TJ McConnell, who had flirted with a 20/10 situation in his first four starts over the past week before a bad game in Memphis on Sunday. When Haliburton returns, McConnell is back on the bench and off the live fantasy radar.

The second piece of news, which you might have missed if you blinked, is that Miles Turner I just signed a two-year contract extension over the weekend. That’s huge, because the Pacers have been rumored to have Turner on the bench for years, and there was a belief that the team might trade all the vets (especially Turner and Friends Hield) to bring selections and young players to start rebuilding. The Pacers extend Turner effectively getting him off the trading blocks, but also strongly implying that the team is no longer a sellout.

They love the little Halliburton core and the bullish phenomenon Benedict Mathurin Enough to keep the veterans strong and supplement a bit to try and compete now. It’s not a guarantee, but with next week’s trade deadline approaching, the prospects of the Pacers trading a large portion of their squad to change the NBA landscape and raise the fantasy prospects of the younger players on their squad no longer seem so. Probably the same as it was just two days ago.

Youth movement, Pistons play deadline

On the other hand, the Pistons still look very much like a team that could be a deadline-seller. With the worst record in the Eastern Conference and MVP Kid Cunningham Off-season, it only makes sense for the Pistons to try to stack up and play their young assets as they prepare for the Victor Wimpanyama sweepstakes this summer.

Their current 10-man rotation includes eight players aged 24 or younger, as well as a 31-year-old Alec Burks and 33 years old Bojan Bogdanovic. Bogdanovic and Burks are both seasoned snipers who can go straight in as a spot attack type. Bogdanovic has started all season, but Burks just moved into the starting lineup last week…just in time for the NBA trade date. Just saying, this seems like more than a coincidence.

Meanwhile, their (very) young movement is already yielding fairy hoops in profits. rookie Jaden Ivey (available in 31.6% of leagues), the 20-year-old has played a bigger role as a dealer lately, averaging 6.2 APG in the month of February to boost 15.5 PPG, 4.6 RPG, 1.5 3PG and 0.9 SPG. junior fellow Galen Doreen (Available in 77.7% of leagues) A ​​19-year-old with a 29-year-old body has started 18 of his 20 games and averages a double-double for those games at 10.7 PPG (70.4 FG%), 77.1 FT% ), 11.0 RPG, 0.8 SPG and 0.7 BPG at 27.9 mpg. Killian Hayes (available in 76.1% of leagues), a 21-year-old senior, was starting and producing until he injured his shoulder last week and moved to a bench role in place of Burks. But, if Burks is transferred on the deadline (and even if he isn’t), the path should eventually reopen for Hayes to return to the starting role.

Looking dim for the ball

Lonzo Ball He recently put out a video of himself working out, which could have sparked some hope among the fantasy directors still on the Big Brother list at the ball. Unfortunately, the Bulls head coach Billy Donovan He made a statement this weekend that doesn’t sound promising at all. Donovan said Saturday that Ball is “nowhere near” a return, and that the Bulls will have a conversation about a possible deadline to play Ball at all this season after the All-Star break if nothing improves.

If you’re in a fantasy hoops league and have a very deep bench or injured list, it might be worth keeping the ball on your roster until you know for sure. But, for those in the shallower leagues, it’s hard to justify continuing to include Ball when there seems to be a legitimate concern about whether he’s been playing all this season. Hope for the best, but you should always prepare for the worst.

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