Matt Kenseth in the NASCAR Hall of Fame feels weird

this is different.

With Alan Kulwicki, his selection to the NASCAR Hall of Fame was more about a never-to-be-replicated story from his NASCAR career than about numbers.

In addition, he was a few years on the cusp of being a finalist before being elected as part of the Class of 2019, 27 years after Kulwicki won the tournament and 26 years after his death.

You would have had to start following racing at a young age or at least be in your 60s to see firsthand what got Kulwicki from karting through local and regional cars and finally into NASCAR. If you were younger, you might have read about his intelligence and toughness, but you didn’t really experience that when he raced Hales Corners or Slinger or in the days before he packed up and left Greenfield for North Carolina Sports Center.

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