Melody Holt Reacts to Martel and Sherry’s Relationship

An OWN reality star has sparked a new relationship with her ex-husband after pictures of him and his housewife honey surfaced on the ‘Network’.

Melody Shariformerly Melody Holt “Love and Marriage Hunstville” Fame believes “you can’t expect new tricks for a dog” amid her ex-Martell Holt move with “A Real Housewife of Atlanta” Sherry Whitfield.

Melody x Martell x Cherry

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As previously mentioned Sherry confirmed that she had been booed with Martell for a few months and added that he had met members of her family.

Melody comments on Martell’s new relationship timeline

Melody, who has been working on herself and focusing on the couple’s four children since her 2021 divorce from Martell, is concerned that her ex isn’t doing the same. She suggested that there might not have been enough time between relationships for the “Love and Marriage Huntsville” star to heal.

“If you look at the time frame, do you think there is time for a person to mature, grow up, heal, and do what needs to be done as a person?” She asked. “That’s what I’m going to say,” Melody said.

TMZ asked Melody when she found out about the budding romance and said she had heard about it on the internet “just like everyone else” and that she “didn’t think much of it.”

Ms Shari suggested Martell’s behavior is not new and says it is a continuation of “what we’ve already seen” from 40 years ago. She added that Martell and Sherry showed up about their children as a surprise, just like how he surprised the kids by introducing them to his beloved child from another relationship. Melody told TMZ that Martell previously introduced the kids to The little brother who welcomed him with Arion Curry At school, Melody had no idea in advance that this was happening.

“Even when my kids first met his son, I didn’t know beforehand that he was introducing them to them,” Melody said. I didn’t know this was happening. I don’t expect anything differently because it’s the same thing that always happens and it’s always been a matter of disrespect.”

Apparently, something similar happened with children who met Human even though it was early in her romance with Martell, and Melody went on to say how she would handle things differently if the roles were reversed. She said she’d make sure the person was in her life for a while before it was around her kids. Only then will she have a conversation with her ex, and then a conversation with her children before she chooses to appear in public.

Melody says she doesn’t have any feelings for Sherry, she’s not upset

The entrepreneur also discussed her lack of feelings for Sherry and Martell’s relationship in person with her. TheShadeRoom.

“To be honest with you, I don’t have any feelings about it. I really don’t. I had no control over whether he was talking or dating anyone during marriage, I’m sure he wouldn’t be able to control whether he was dating someone outside of marriage.” So, you know, I don’t feel anything. I really don’t.”

When asked how she felt about Sherry, Melody shared roughly the same undisturbed feelings. She confirmed that she did not have anything negative to say about the housewife.

“I don’t know anything negative about her, so I don’t have anything negative to say. Like, I really don’t… I don’t really care.”

Although she won’t be checking out Sherry anytime soon, it looks like Martell has to register himself or maybe even with a therapist so he doesn’t get carried away. pattern From being an untrustworthy cheater to being a #RHOA star.

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