Michael Giacchino Directing Feature Film With “Them!” – final date

Exclusive: Oscar winner above composer Michael Giacchino He would make his directorial debut on the big screen with the reboot of the 1954 science fiction man-eating monster they! in a Warner Bros.

Giacchino is meeting with the writers, hoping to ramp up production soon.

In the original Gordon Douglas-directed film, which was also a Warner Bros. release. A gigantic nest of radioactive ants is discovered in the New Mexico desert and becomes a national threat when two young ants escape and mate to make new nests. The ensuing national search culminated in a battle in Los Angeles’ sewers and storm drains.

“There’s always a movie in your mind that never leaves your head,” says Giacchino. “For me, this is they! It wasn’t until much later in life that I learned what it was all about – the nuclear age.”

He adds, “What I love they! It is exactly what it is called: they! It is about the other, the unknown that one rejects or cannot understand. The current version of they! Revolving around immigration, telling a story about the subject through the lens of this crazy sci-fi monster movie,” Giacchino teases what his early vision of the picture was.

Composer for big franchise films like Spider-Man: No Way Home, Star TrekAnd the BatmanAnd the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story More has been looking to make his own buttress poles for some time now. Last year he directed a Marvel Studios/Disney+ special Werewolf by night which follows a lycanthrope superhero who fights evil using abilities granted to him by a curse brought from his bloodline. Giacchino previously directed the short film Monster challenge and Paramount episode + Star Trek: Short Treks.

Giacchino also plans to sign up they! the same way you registered werewolf by night, Monster challenge And the Star Trek: Short Treks. He also plans to have his brother the director, Anthony Giachinoinvolved in producing they!. Anthony Giacchino directed the Disney+ documentary about his composer-turned-filmmaker brother, Exit at night. Anthony Giacchino is also an Academy Award winner, having won for the 2021 Documentary Short Film, Colette.

The Giacchino brothers made films as children about their home in Edgewater Park Township, NJ. Michael would direct, and Anthony would star with their neighborhood friends. Michael Giacchino worked side jobs as a teenager to save up for movie stock. Use an exacto knife to make scratches on the film strips in order to create laser and special effects. He graduated from the College of Visual Arts in New York City where he studied filmmaking and later held jobs at Universal Marketing and Disney Advertising. Eventually, he decided to author video games, one of the most notable being the Playstation Jurassic Park: The Lost World which Steven Spielberg personally hired on it. Through video games, JJ Abrams was introduced to Giacchino and hired him to star in his TV series Nick name And the Lost So are the big pictures Star Trek, Star Trek Into DarknessAnd the Mission: Impossible III. After delivering the music to the highest-grossing film of the pandemic, Spider-Man: No way home ($1.9 billion), Giacchino earned four support points last year jurassic world: dominion, Pixar Lightyear, Thor: Love & Thunder And the Batman.

“Michael Giacchino is a one-of-a-kind talent. We’re excited to work with him and make it in the studio,” said Jesse Ehrman, president of production and development for Warner Bros Pictures, who is overseeing the project in Burbank, Calif. Werewolf by night on Disney+ and it was blown up.

Giacchino is represented by CAA and Gorfaine/Schwartz.

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