Monet, Van Gogh? No, let AI create the art for your walls

Mixture It really made it super easy to turn your photos into removable stickable wall tiles. You can order it directly from your phone to be shipped anywhere for free.

Now the Tel Aviv-based company has upped the fun by another notch DaydreamBrings the magic of generative AI to custom framed art.

If you are looking for quality artwork and materials, Daydream is not for you. But if you’re looking for an easy, affordable way to brighten up your walls with a dreamy DIY image, you may find this one-of-a-kind experience addictive.

Type any descriptive text, and within seconds you’ll see four samples of artwork in each of the six styles – oil painting, digital art, abstract painting, pencil drawing, watercolor, and one-line art.

Monet, Van Gogh?  No, let AI create the art for your walls
This customer entered “Astronaut visiting space station on Mars, reading blueprints” on the Daydream website, and here is the resulting artwork. Image courtesy of Mixtiles

To experience the service, I walked into the first image that came to mind: “a series of colored marbles.”

Powered by award winning DALL-E A system from the American company OpenAI popped up 24 possible permutations of consecutive marble images on my screen.

Monet, Van Gogh?  No, let AI create the art for your walls
Here’s how the oil painting options looked on my Daydream screen. Screenshot by Abigail Lishman
Monet, Van Gogh?  No, let AI create the art for your walls
Chain of colorful balls shown in abstract mode in Daydream. Screenshot by Abigail Lishman

After selecting my favorite sample, he showed me how it would look in different frames. I chose my desired frame and size, entered my details and that was it.

Monet, Van Gogh?  No, let AI create the art for your walls
Here are the frame options I got on Daydream. Screenshot by Abigail Lishman

It took about five minutes from start to finish, though I could have easily wasted half my day writing scripts to see how DALL-E could display them.

Baby elephants taking a bath? Sunflowers fall on Mars? Bears do tai chi? Still life with eggplant and peaches? everything is possible.


“Why do people decorate their walls, as they have been doing since humans first lived in caves? After helping millions of clients create walls they love, we know the answer is a desire for self-expression,” says Mixtiles co-founder Etan Levitt. .

“Instead of rummaging through catalogs to find a piece of art that speaks to you, Daydream literally lets you create a masterpiece in your own words that reflects your thoughts, dreams, and emotions.”

Monet, Van Gogh?  No, let AI create the art for your walls
This client requested artwork showing a “5-year-old girl with curly hair dancing in a field with butterflies.” Image courtesy of Mixtiles

Founded in 2016 by Levit with David Katz, Mixtiles now sells over 10 million photo tiles annually.

The OpenAI partnership made perfect sense. DALL-E is one of the most popular generative AI tools on the Internet, with more than three million users creating four million text-to-art images per day.

“Integrating DALL-E with Mixtiles’ seamless design process opens up users to easily create AI-generated images that reflect their distinct tastes and style in the real world,” said Peter Wellender, Vice President of Products and Partnerships at OpenAI.

“We couldn’t be happier when we put the art of AI into people’s hands and homes.”

Pricing depends on size, frame, and other optional features. It ranges from about $14 for a 21 by 21 cm (about 8 inch square) to about $100 for a 50 by 50 cm (about 20 inch square). You can’t beat this budget for custom framed artwork.

My order, which was shipped to Israel from Las Vegas, arrived at my door a week after I placed the order.

Monet, Van Gogh?  No, let AI create the art for your walls
My Daydream artwork was delivered a week after ordering. Photo by Abigail Lishman

How long will it stick to the wall? Will the paper it’s printed on start to fade? Time will tell. Meanwhile, I am thoroughly enjoying the artwork I dreamed up myself.

For more information about Daydream, click here here.

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