NASCAR Pioneers, College Bowls, Snook and Happy Trails!

Hi Willie!

I read with interest your recent article on the birth of NASCAR.

While the France family had long had a monopoly on the foundations of NASCAR, team owner Raymond Parkes was also considered a founder and provided plenty of startup money to get things moving.

If you check out the book by Neil Thompson called Driving with the Devil, you’ll get the rest of the proverbial story.

Tim S

Raymond Parks (R) with driver Red Byron, who won his first NASCAR stock car championship in 1949 driving one of Parks' cars.

Hey, TIM S!

If Big Bill France is largely credited with organizing the NASCAR world, Raymond Parks will be remembered as the man who branded the joint.

Clean equipment, flashy cars, and his dapper looks paved the way for others to clean their shoes, comb their hair, and say, “We can be better.”

The article you mentioned, however, focused on the events of December 1947, which served as a launching pad for Bill France as president of NASCAR. Raymond Parks was at the Streamline Hotel in Daytona Beach for those meetings, and would play a huge role in the early days of the sport.

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