New doctors want to serve rural areas

Dr. Madhav Narayan and Dr. Shaun Fleur, JCH&L’s new family medicine physicians who started this fall, came to JCH&L because they wanted to serve a rural area as family physicians.
“Having doctors and others championing good things helps communities,” said Dr. Narayan. “The key to being part of the solution is actually being there.”
Dr. Flor said he loves the variety of family medicine and felt it was his calling. He said he knows rural areas need more family doctors.
Family medicine means knowing and caring for the whole person. It also means knowing how social interactions and family interactions affect a patient’s health, Dr. Flor said.
Dr. Narayan grew up in Broomfield, Colorado. From an early age he knew he “wanted to help people live well.” Springfield’s rural rotation, CO, was a major factor in deciding on a rural practice. Fewer resources may be available in rural areas, and “these are things clinicians need to talk about and advocate for.”
He said he feels a responsibility to stand up for those who cannot defend themselves. He runs a non-profit organization in India dedicated to community development and people skills development.
He sees the agricultural belt as home to good, hard-working people.
He said he appreciates that in the recruitment effort JCH&L has made it clear that they want providers to be happy here and to practice medicine the way they think it should be practiced.
He feels strongly that it is important to know the whole person.
“People don’t want to get sick. It’s important to know if there’s something going on that’s affecting their health. It’s important for him to help people live the life they want to live,” said Dr. Narayan.
He also knows that improving overall health is not an overnight change.
“We don’t need to reach for the stars today, we just need to do a little bit better,” said Dr. Narayan.
dr. Narayan done at JCH&L on September 6th. He has joined local Rotary and Kiwanis clubs and is looking forward to getting involved in the community. He recently completed his residency at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine, Country Training Track. He received his MD from the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Received training in EGD and Colonoscopy.
When he has free time, he enjoys baseball and is also a die-hard Denver Broncos football fan.
Dr. Flor, who is from Omaha, knew from grade school that he had two dreams in life: to be a military pilot, and eventually a doctor.
“Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d check off both boxes,” said Dr. Flor.
He said he became interested in medicine because he fell in love with the pediatrician. But once he got into medical school, he realized that he loves a variety of family medicine, especially in rural areas, and he enjoys taking care of the whole person and their family as well.
He began his college career as a pre-med but also played for Marquette. He found that he also liked psychology, so he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, with some pre-med requirements. He also worked after his undergraduate years on the Wisconsin Early Autism Project.
When he graduated from college, because he had always wanted to fly, he talked to a recruiter about officer training school. He was sworn into the Air Force in November 2003. He said the Air Force was a very good and rewarding experience. Was a Weapons Systems Officer (WSO) on B1-B Bombers, 3 deployments in 4 years in Qatar. He said that after 8 years he decided he could still go to medical school and pursue another goal. He took pre-med courses at American University in Washington, D.C., did volunteer work, and prepared for the MCAT exam. He worked at the Omaha Veterans Affairs Hospital in clinical research in traumatic brain injury.
The University of Nebraska Medical Center was his first choice for medical school, and he was thrilled to have chosen to study there. He was also selected as his first choice for residency at the Lincoln Medical Education Partnership.
He said the new clinic was one of the factors that made Ferbury stand out when he was recruited for family medicine positions. He said he likes the resources available here, too. He said he also admires the Berkeley Fitness Center. The location is good for him to stay close to his family, and it’s still in a rural area. He said he felt the community was friendly and welcoming.
“Everything seemed to fit,” he said.
Throughout his education and career opportunities, he has lived in cities of all sizes. He said he preferred that size of the community. He also wants to be involved in society, balancing the many opportunities.
“I can’t wait to be a part of the city,” said Dr. Flor. “I am excited to be here.”
Its goal is to “increase the wellness and health of the community”.
Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with family and friends. He also enjoys hunting and remodeling at his family’s cabin near Ainsworth, NE; In addition to athletics, running, maintaining physical fitness and activity. He is a huge fan of college athletics and sports in general.
Dr. Fleur recently began training at JCH&L on October 3rd, having recently completed his residency at Lincoln Family Medicine. He received his MD from the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Received training in EGD and Colonoscopy.
Dr. Burke Klein, CEO of JCH&L, said: “We have an excellent team of service providers.”
With the addition of Dr. Narayan and Dr. Fleur, medical providers at JCH&L include five board-certified family medicine physicians, four board-certified nurse practitioners, and two board-certified medical assistants. Our team includes: Dr. Shaun Fleur, Dr. Madhav Narayan, Dr. Craig Shomard, Dr. Rebecca Strocklund, and Dr. Brett Wergen (all board-certified family medicine providers); Board Certified Nurse Practitioners Kirisha Afuh, FNP-C; Caroline Ferguson, FNP-C; Megan Knutson, FNP-C; Keegan Williams, FNP-C; and two certified physician assistants, Price Taylor, PA-C; and Kensly Williams PA-C.
JCH & L Fairbury Clinic is accepting new patients.
For appointments at the JCH & L Fairbury Clinic, call 402-729-3361, Option 1. When visiting the Fairbury Clinic to schedule your appointment, please use the main entrance accessible from H Street.


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