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Oklahoma City Thunder guard Josh Gedi had to make a double throw when Australian Players Ratings Released For Latest NBA 2K Game.

Not because he disagreed with his own assessment. The 19-year-old Novice’s season saw him go from rated 75 in last year’s game to 82 – one difference behind Ben Simmons.

Instead, it was Boomers champ Patty Mills’ 72 rating that made the Jedi scratch his head.

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“I had to check three times and make sure I was reading that correctly,” said Geddy. On Thursday he talks about the release of the new game.

“This 72 was a little weird for me.”

Can Mills He lit the net at the start of last seasonbecoming the first player ever to start a season to hit 10 perfect three-pointers from as many attempts.

While his hot streak waned as the season went on, the upside down trend remains and the Australian is making a valuable addition off the bench in Brooklyn’s bid to win the title.

“I think he is known to be a good shooter but he is an elite shooter,” Jedi said.

“If people see what he does, especially on the FIBA ​​stage and in the Olympics and the World Cup, he is arguably the best player in those tournaments and the things he does, the attention he attracts, is unreal and he is also selfless, he plays.

“I think his shooting ability is what he’s known for but people don’t understand how really good he is at shooting and when he’s on fire there aren’t a lot of people who can do the things he does on the ground.

“I’m sure he will come up as the season goes on. I’m sure the rest of the Australian boys will come up as the season goes on too.”

Patti Mills deserves more credit. (Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images)Source: Getty Images

Dyson Daniels could move up the world rankings in his rookie season as it looks like the New Orleans Pelicans’ first-round draft pick will follow in the Jedi’s footsteps.

But it’s unrealistic to expect Daniels, who is set to sit on the bench in New Orleans, to immediately reach the same heights as the Jedi in his first season with Oklahoma City.

Giddey achieved record success and his rating rose accordingly, as did the quality of his appearance in the game.

“Last year it was a bit questionable but this year it’s a little bit better,” he said.

“I mean long hair is tough,” he added with a laugh.

“Not a lot of guys around the league have long hair like mine. So I might give 2K some difficulty but mostly I’m happy with that.”

OKC’s Josh Gedi in the new 2K game.Source: Provider

Jedi used to be like most kids around the world, playing NBA2K at home – and the 19-year-old was resident He does so before last year’s junior season.

“When I debuted last year I was playing with myself, on my team, for the first week,” he said.

But Giddey is no longer like “most kids” around the world, a fact that remains overwhelming for the Australian who said it was “surreal” to see himself in one of his favorite video games.

Just as surreal for Jedi was the chance to play in the NBA against the Australian idols he grew up watching, men like Mills, Matthew Delavedova and Joe England, who took the Boomers to a historic bronze medal in Tokyo.

Now Giddey could be the face of the next generation of young Australian talent carrying on the Boomers legacy, something the 19-year-old admitted was “a huge request” but “excited” to take on.

Patti Mills and others have left a lasting legacy…one Josh Geddy is ready to help carry it. (AAP Photo/Scott Barbour)Source: AAP

“It’s great to see these guys in the NBA doing what they’re doing and obviously they’re guys I’ve grown up — Patty Deeley, Joe — these older guys that I’ve grown up watching for so many years,” Jedi said.

“Being in the Boomers camp with them and then playing against them in the NBA is just a fantasy to me. As an Australian kid you always look at older Australians playing in the NBA and at the highest level, so I was no different from them.

“Those guys are probably nearing the end of their international and NBA careers and for us guys coming through this we have to make sure there is no quitting and these guys have set really high standards. For me, those expectations are a huge demand, but I I’m sure I and the rest of the younger Australians are ready to take on this challenge and excited to do so.”

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