OnePlus 10T launched a live blog: Follow up with the arrival of the new Android phone


Battery and charging info has already been confirmed as well, and we imagine that’s something that will be a big draw for the device.

The power pack has a capacity of 4800mAh, which is pretty big, but the attractive spec here is the 150W charging.

This isn’t the first phone to have such fast boot speeds, but we’ve certainly not seen one run faster yet, and we can expect to see the phone go from empty to full in less than 20 minutes.

OnePlus will definitely go into more details about this at launch.

OnePlus 10 Pro

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Another thing OnePlus confirmed is the lack of an alert slider, which is a common feature on the company’s phones – you can see it on the edge of the OnePlus 10 Pro in the image above.

The alert slider is for easily switching between silent, vibrate or full volume modes for notifications without having to unlock your phone. You can easily turn it into silent mode when walking into a meeting, or deactivate it when you go out, without spending too much time on menus.

Like we said, it’s a popular OnePlus feature, and fans are already upset about its removal.

Another piece of camera info we know about the OnePlus 10T is that it won’t have the Hasselblad branding that previous OnePlus phones had.

This brand bragged that the old camera brand Hasselblad had contributed to some of the phone’s camera hardware and software, and on the 10 Pro, it manifested itself in a few new camera modes and AI adjustment in the normal photo mode.

It’s not clear if the lack of branding means these modes won’t appear again, or if it’s just the marketing aspect that has changed, and OnePlus likely won’t even discuss this on stage. We’ll have to test the phone ourselves to see.

The OnePlus 10T live stream on YouTube has started, and you can watch it over here (Opens in a new tab).

This doesn’t mean there’s a video playing now – it’s just a first show, with the actual video set to start 15 minutes before the event starts.

Another thing that OnePlus has confirmed is that the 10T will get a Sony IMX766 sensor for the main camera. This is an ultimate 50MP gadget that we’ve seen a lot of use in cheap phones over the past few months.

In fact, we tested it extensively thanks to phones like Realme 9 Pro Plus And the none phone (1). We found it to be very good for low-light photos, at least compared to other sensors we see used in budget cell phones.

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Realme 9 Pro Plus Camera Sample

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Realme 9 Pro Plus Camera Sample

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Realme 9 Pro Plus Camera Sample

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Here are some pictures we took on the Realme phone, to give an example of how it performs at night.

While the sensor stands out from the crowd for low-light photography, its performance isn’t impressive in good lighting conditions. It’s not bad, it just doesn’t stand out from the competition as much.

We’ll have to hear about the OnePlus 10T’s other cameras before we can judge its photographic prowess.

OnePlus 10T

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OnePlus hasn’t really been shy with information about the phone.

Here’s one great example – it’s the green and black phone (a photo shared by OnePlus long before the one at the top of this article).

This is what told us the phone is like OnePlus 10 ProIt also has three cameras.

The interesting thing is that OnePlus has been launched twice today.

One was obviously a OnePlus 10T launch – that’s what I was here for, probably – but the other was Chinese only for the OnePlus Ace Pro.

However, this second launch event was canceled at the last minute, and it’s not entirely clear why. The doubly strange thing is that this cancellation happened the day after Motorola canceled a similar event in China only.

what’s going? We don’t know – but the OnePlus 10T launch is still on.

It’s time for the OnePlus 10T launch of the TechRadar live blog, and we’re working on the engine for another launch event — there’s still hours before the OnePlus livestream goes live, so there’s no need to heat up the popcorn just yet.

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