Operation and Control Today | The Thermal By FLIR program expands with industry-first wearable and mobile products for commercial and industrial uses

RealWear introduces the thermal camera module for the Navigator series, while Ulefone debuts the Power Armor 18T featuring the Lepton 3.5 thermal camera module

Teledyne FLIR, part of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated, today welcomed RealWear, a leader in wearable augmented reality solutions, as the newest collaborator of FLIR’s recently launched world’s first voice-controlled hands-free thermocouple. Thermal camera unit. In addition, Thermal by FLIR cohort Ulefone recently introduced its first mobile phone featuring Lepton 3.5 thermal camera module, Power Armor 18T 5G Android phone.

Thermal by FLIR is a collaborative product development and marketing program that supports original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), including RealWear and Ulefone, to create innovative products that take advantage of Teledyne FLIR thermal camera modules and expertise,” said Mike Walters, Vice President, Uncooled Thermal Imaging Camera Cores, Teledyne FLIR.”This program enables our partners to get to market faster, lower development costs, and accelerate business growth in collaboration with the world leader in uncooled thermal imaging technology.”

A wearable first in the industry
The RealWear Navigator™ 500 headset thermal camera module enables frontline workers to capture high-resolution visual and thermal imagery to quickly identify temperature differences in mission-critical industrial equipment. It represents the first commercially available system in which the Lepton 3.5 thermal camera module is deployed as a wearable device augmented reality Diagnosis. With the unit mounted on the device, the user only needs to speak voice commands – even at noise settings as high as 100dB – to change settings and modes and take thermal images.
“Enabling industrial frontline workers to capture thermal imaging data while hands-free in hazardous environments gives workers a new superpower to complete tasks safely and productively,” said Rama Urgante, Chief Product Officer, RealWear. “Working with Thermal by FLIR not only enabled us to build the system faster at a lower cost, but also provided us with a significant market opportunity.”

Millions of leptons
The powerful Ulefone Power Armor 18T Android phone marks the 13th mobile device in the Lepton family of small, lightweight, low-power, and low-cost thermal cameras. The mobile phone market is also Lepton’s largest OEM market by volume. Lepton’s integration into mobile devices, other tech accessories, and wearables has propelled the camera module to become the most adopted thermal imaging platform in history. There are more than three million Lipton units integrated into a variety of products in manufacturing, security and defense, the Internet of Things and consumer technology.

Environmental Systems Engineering
Thermal by FLIR initiates development support from the Application Engineering team to assist partner organizations in improving the performance of their respective thermal camera systems. RealWear and Ulefone products benefit from the Teledyne FLIR ecosystem, including use of patented MSX imaging capability, thermal image enhancement with embossed visible light outlines, and compatibility with FLIR Thermal Studio software. This subscription software provides the advanced processing features needed to manage thousands of thermal images and videos, whether from a portable thermal imaging camera, unmanned aircraft system (UAS), acoustic imaging camera, or optical gas imaging (OGI) camera.

To learn more about the Thermal by FLIR program, please visit https://www.flir.com/oem/thermal-by-flir/.

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