Opinion: Can we reduce the internet’s outrage over car design?

better 2022

Surfing the World Wide Web, it seems that the Internet is angrier than ever

ManicCarGuy83 is furious. I’m browsing a popular car forum on the Internet, trying to check out a slice of obscure trivia about the Ferrari Daytona SP3, but I’m becoming swayed by ManicCarGuy83’s musings. I regret to inform you that I am not a fan of Daytona.

Over the course of dozens of scathing posts, ManicCarGuy83 has accused Ferrari’s designers of various crimes including (and I’m paraphrasing a bit in the name of politeness): betraying Italy; They treat their customers like cretins, and defecate forcefully and frequently on Enzo’s own grave. It’s magical, ManicCarGuy83.

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I think such vitriol might be justified if, say, ManicCarGuy83 had put up a deposit on an SP3 Daytona, unseen, and then was disappointed by what had already rocked on his driveway.

But, based on the content of his posts, it doesn’t look like ManicCarGuy83 owns a Daytona or any other Ferrari. I wouldn’t be completely confident he’s old enough to have a driver’s licence.

The design of the SP3, as far as I can tell, has had no more real impact on ManicCarGuy83’s daily life than former England goalkeeper David Seaman’s choice of breakfast cereal (Weetabix). But there he was, driven into a frenzy, outraged by the glass-to-body ratio.

On the one hand, it is a free country. As Voltaire was about to say, “I may not consent to the publication of your forum which does not know bad punctuation, but I will defend to the death your right to publish it.”

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But on the other hand… couldn’t we all be a little less angry?

Because it’s not just ManicCarGuy83. Every corner of the car grid is hit by cannons with fury, filled with frustrated angry people who are angry and disappointed about everything.

There is no doubt that there is a lot in the automotive world that can justifiably be contemplated. You could, for example, legitimately wonder if an 800-horsepower, £1.7m supercar… is well suited to the current global climate. (The answer, by the way, is “yes,” but at least that would be a valid argument.) Sustainability, safety, and the social acceptability of cars: These are all valid topics ripe for a proper ding-dong.

But Auto Rage Online never focuses on sustainability, safety, or social acceptance. It’s always about the way you make the new car look.

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And if you don’t agree with the look of a new car, it’s not enough for some reason to simply say, “I don’t approve of the look of that new car.” You must denounce this as an affront to the dignity of the cars themselves. The designers of SP3 failed not only themselves, but the entire automotive world. The taste police are in effect, and they’re packing in emojis.

Angry people of the Internet! You are not required to monitor the design of new cars! We already have a neat mechanism for that! It’s called “The Market”. If a car company offered up a stack of design-style steam guano, no one would buy it! Or, if they buy it, it’s because they decide they’re OK with the design, because looks are subjective!

Well, maybe there’s a dash of hypocrisy in an online comment that you get annoyed at people getting annoyed with online comments. But still, can’t we all get rid of anger? There is enough anger and sadness in the world right now, without feeling like a stroke on the back end of a silly red supercar.

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