Air conditioning technology is outdated. These are conditioning options for a hotter future.

This week, Californians received a reminder of one of the most perplexing paradoxes of global warming. As the temperature rises 110 degrees Fahrenheit In some areas Tuesday night, hundreds of thousands of state residents received beeping text alerts letting them know that the power grid, strained under the weight of millions of air conditioning units, … Read more

A study has found that your blood type may influence your risk of having a stroke before the age of 60

Researchers have found that people with blood type A may be more likely to have a stroke before the age of 60 compared to other blood types. In contrast, those with blood type O are less likely to have an early stroke, according to a new meta-analysis. The research was conducted by a team led … Read more

Explaining America’s Wildlife Restoration Act

The Biden administration is about to enact a law The largest part of climate legislation Ever, after the Senate passed Inflation reduction law Sunday by consecutive vote on the party lines. But there is actually another huge piece of environmental legislation that could soon become law — and it has bipartisan support. known by the … Read more

Democrats seek campaign opportunity for Obamacare court ruling

Democrats are using a federal judge’s ruling against Obamacare prevention coverage as an opportunity to campaign to preserve health care just two months before the midterm elections. Wednesday’s ruling by Texas Judge Reed O’Connor escalates another battle over Obamacare, and could jeopardize access to preventative care for millions of Americans, including colorectal screenings and other … Read more

Canadian Conservatives poised to make Pierre Poilifri the leader against Trudeau

TORONTO – Recently hapless Canadian Conservatives, losers in three consecutive federal elections that exposed the divisions between their populist and more moderate factions, are preparing Saturday to elect a controversial 43-year-old with scorched earth style and social media savvy leader to take on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. All indications are that Pierre Poilifri has competition … Read more