Pete Davidson was seen for the first time since his split with Kim Kardashian

Cairns, Australia - *EXCLUSIVE* * Pete Davidson looks upset on set

Cairns, Australia – *EXCLUSIVE* * Pete Davidson looks upset on the set of “Wizards!” In Cairns, Australia amid a breakup with Kim Kardashian. Pictured: Pete Davidson BACKGRID USA AUGUST 6, 2022 BYLINE MUST READ: Backgrid AU / BACKGRID USA: +1 310798 9111 / UK: +44208344 2007 / *UK customers – images contain For children, please cut the face before posting *

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Pete Davidson He was spotted for the first time since he broke up with Kim kardashian.

The picture shows the previous Saturday Night Live A star, 28, on the set Treatments! In Cairns, Australia, after his split from Kardashian. Davidson wears a hat with the movie’s title and a T-shirt that reads, “What…I feel like…”.

While he may appear upset in the photo, the source told People that he appeared happy on set and was mingling with the cast and crew, adding that there was “no indication” that he was sad.

A source told PEOPLE Friday that the comedian and Kardashian, 41, who first dated in October 2021, ended their relationship this week.

“Part of the reason they broke up was because of their busy schedules,” said an insider. “They both travel all the time and it was tough.”

e! News He was the first to report the news of their separation.

Representatives of both stars did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian

Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian

Demetrius Kambouris/Getty Images; Fraser Harrison/Getty Images Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian

Kardashian and comedian called first as they were Share a kiss on screen To get a drawing during mogul’s SKIMS SNL It will debut on October 9, 2021.

Kardashian later called up an Amanda Hirsch moment Not skinny but not fat Podcast in April 2022. “When we got accepted, I was like, ‘Okay! It was a theatrical kiss, but it was still like, a little nigger. It wasn’t anything like feeling super crazy. I was just like, ‘Okay,’ and then I said, ‘Wow, I’m really haven’ 10 years, so maybe I just like being dumb and nothing, it’s just a kiss on stage,” she said at the time.

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The duo then made headlines when they were spotted Holding hands on the roller coaster At Knott’s Scary Farm in Buena Park, California, in October 2021, as seen in exclusive photos people have obtained.

The two continued to spend time together after their Halloween outing, including when Kardashian traveled to her native Staten Island in Davidson, New York, to dine at CampaniaItalian restaurant next month.

The pair were discovered again the following weekend in Palm Springs, Holding hands and smilingand continued to stay close in the following weeks, even starting the new year with a short trip to the Bahamas.

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Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson

Gotham/Getty Images Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson

Then, in February of this year, Davidson opened up about living life in the spotlight and Hanging out with Kardashian’s ‘girlfriend’ During a conversation with Kay Adams, hostess People (TV show!).

“Well, I don’t really have Instagram — I don’t have Instagram or Twitter or any of those things. So most of my daily life is getting in cars and being on set,” the comedian said.

He continued, referring to the publicly titled Kardashian for the first time: “Or, if I’m out and about, I either hang out with my friends or chill with my girlfriend indoors. So I don’t do much.”

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Later couple First appeared on Instagram On March 11th with Kardashian Share two photos Davidson.

Kardashian and Davidson also appeared at the 2022 Met Gala for a star-studded night. anyway Perhaps Kardashian’s choice to wear Marilyn Monroe’s dress was controversial, Evening with Davidson It was anything but a smooth sail, her date showering her with emotion and helping her navigate the famous steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in her appropriate dress.

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Kardashian and Davidson’s relationship was the first of its kind Kardashians A star after her split from Kanye West. Kardashian and West have girls together northand 9 and Chicago4, as well as sons the Saintand 6 and psalm3.

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mother of four Submit an application for divorce of West, 45, in February 2021. A source previously told PEOPLE that Davidson was “exactly what Kim needed after her divorce.”

“Someone makes her laugh and have a good time with her,” the source said at the time. “The end of her marriage was a very difficult time for her and Pete was her best antidote.”

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