PGA Tour Player’s Advisory Board is ‘a colossal waste of time’

Paul Azinger, left, and Dan Hicks last year during an NBC broadcast of the Presidents’ Cup.

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The PGA Tour Players Advisory Council, Different tour versions sayis defined this way:

The PAC provides advice and consultation to the PGA Tour Policy Council (Board of Directors) and Commissioner Jay Monahan on issues affecting the tour.

And there is this description of the PAC, from an NBC announcer Dan Hicks:

Bresson Dechambeau and Davis Love

Dan Hicks, Paul Azinger receive Bryson DeChambeau’s viral video during the Presidents’ Cup


Josh Berhau

“The PAC is that first step toward consulting the PGA Tour Board of Directors and Commissioner on issues related to the Tour.”

Then there Paul Azinger Thoughts about PAC.

You may have heard of the council, especially these days Leaf golf, the Saudi-backed debutant series that has signed many stars of the tour and will start its second season next month. In response, it was the tour Engineered several player friendly changesand you can expect more back and forth between the two sides in the coming weeks.

There has been news of PAC makeup, too. The latest 16-member panel has yet to be officially announced, but several outlets have reported. Adam Scott He will be part of it for the first time in the 42-year-old’s career. There is some significance there. It was rumored that the 2013 Masters champion would also be joining LIV at various points, and one would think that PAC membership would mean that Scott had committed to the tour.

Privately, Scott said the News agency that the move to join the PAC was more focused on touring than the LIV.

Scott said on friday at Sony Open. “I’m more interested in what the future of the Tour looks like.

“And I think I convinced myself it was worth diving into.”

Then there are Paul Azinger’s thoughts on PAC.

2022 Champions Dinner

‘Mood Killer’: Adam Scott recalls awkward Masters Champions dinner


Alan Pastel

The former player and current NBC analyst was watching Scott finish his last run at Sony when Hicks asked his booth mate about the PAC. Below is the full conversation.

“By the way, Scott is among the 16 players, Zing, named to this year’s Player Advisory Council,” Hicks began. “The PAC is that first step toward consulting the PGA Tour Board of Directors and Commissioner on issues related to the Tour.”

“I’ve been in this PAC for 13 years,” Azinger said. “I thought it was a colossal waste of time. You think you’re making things happen, but…

“Is that true?” Hicks said, laughing.

“Uh, you know,” Azinger said.

“Well, you’re sitting in this chair, to be honest,” said Hicks.

“It may be different now,” Azinger said with a laugh.

“Jeeeeez,” Hicks said.

The broadcast flipped to Taylor Montgomery coming off a green bunker on the 14th hole.

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