PHOTOS: Mr. Chunkers, star of the new children’s book, steals the show | News

Mr. Chunkers, a 5-year-old rabbit from Lucerne, loves to be the center of attention.

The lion-headed bunny, who is owned by Kayla Rhiel and does his best to help with the daily tasks of running Tiny Trends, a children’s consignment shop in Luzerne, is the protagonist of “Mr. Chunkers’ Busy Bunny Day”.

On Saturday, a book launch celebration was held at the consignment store on Main Street.

Kelly Ryle, Kayla Ryle’s sister, wrote and illustrated the children’s book about Mr. Chunkers because she “thought it would be fun to write a book about a day in his life” as the chief store assistant for Tiny Trends.

The 25-page book features illustrations of Mr. Chunkers in the store eating his favorite vegetables and his favorite task – sleeping.

“Mr. Chunkers’ Busy Bunny Day” is available from Barnes and Noble and Amazon for $9.89. Autographed copies were available at the Saturday event for $7.

“I loved working on this project,” said Kelly Riel.

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