President’s ‘disrespect’ text on workers’ ‘mental issues’ divides the internet

In a post that has now gone viral, one worker said they received a “disrespectful” letter from their boss after asking for a “mental health day”.

The worker, u/MehLifesavings, shared a screenshot of text in . format redditForum “Anti-Labor”, asking: “What was your response?” The post has amassed over 35,000 upvotes and thousands of comments from Redditors who disagreed on whether or not the text was rude.

“Work was really life draining from me and [I] I was about to quit,” u/MehLifesavings said in their post. I asked for a mental health day and he responds with this. “

According to the screenshots, u/MehLifesavings told their boss that they “if possible ‘would like to use a sick day” to focus on [their] Mental health The full post is here.

Sad woman on the phone
In a post that has now gone viral, one worker said they received a “disrespectful” letter from their boss after asking for a “mental health day”.
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In his response, their boss wrote, “I’ve noticed something is not right with you. I don’t know what kind of mental issues you’re going through but sitting and thinking about it all day won’t help it. It’s just my opinion but it’s up to you.”

Instead of responding to the “disrespect” message, u/MehLifesavings said they “left [their boss] On reading “I proceeded to take leave today.

How to order a sick day

According to the job site In factThere is a “correct way” to call patients from work.

First and foremost, employees need to determine the best way to contact their managers and then get in touch with them as soon as possible. Then in their letter, employees should explain their availability and provide any information their teams might need while they are away.

“For example, if an employee leaves before a blanket meeting, they can let management know who to contact for meeting-specific information. This facilitates the employee and work transition to leave of absence,” he actually said.

Workers should also be “brief” and “professional” when they state why they need to take a sick day.

In effect, he said, “managers do not need to know personal details about the illness or private discussions with the physician.”

Redditors’ reaction

Some argued that their boss’ response wasn’t that bad, many attacked the Redditor for divulging too much information, and others agreed with the OP.

“Sorry, that seemed like a great reaction to me. If you feel like you need that today [and] He’s willing to give it to you… isn’t that what’s important? Cricket asked him. He doesn’t threaten you, he doesn’t say you’re a crying baby… your boss doesn’t look that bad. “

u/Knappyone commented, “I don’t feel that was offensive. He was just giving his opinion, which kind of makes sense.” “He said it’s up to you, so take it. But as others say, you don’t have to volunteer every detail of your illness. Next time I’ll just say you’re not feeling well and leave it at that.”

Yu/Erdossen added, “If you share unsolicited information about your mental health with a stranger, you will get unsolicited opinions about your mental health from the stranger.”

However, others were upset by the president’s text.

“I think ‘getting f**cked’ is right,” u/WeabooBaby said.

“No wonder you need a mental health day, your direct report is so out of reach, and I’ll bet it gets worse the further you go,” u/LoveAndProse offered.

u/TheOnlyTori advised to “report it to HR Holy s**t”.

NEWSWEEK Reached out to u/MehLifesavings for comment.

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