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in weeks until its release, Prince HarryComing notes additional she has There is no shortage of detail revelation about his complex relationship with Royal family, previously confined to keep up appearances. The book is complete on its way – Tuesday 10 January – but the Duke of Sussex has been bringing drama from the pages to the screen in a series of interviews leading up to his arrival, including an appearance with Anderson Cooper on me 60 minutes Sunday.

Prince Harry’s sit-down with the CBS show marks his first and only television appearance in the United States in syndication of the additional so far. The royal family tends to prefer that their skeletons remain in the vaults of Buckingham Palace, and both Harry and his wife do Meghan Markle They were, for a time, content to help keep the door shut. All they asked for in return was their support. But, as he told Cooper: “There is a point where silence is treachery.”

During the candid interview, Prince Harry talked about the terrible loss of his mother, Princess Diana, when he was twelve years old, and his inability to cry for her, or even accept her death until he was twenty years old. He grappled with acceptance by visiting the Paris tunnel where she died in the car accident, and turned to drugs, drinking, and even drugs. He credits his military service in Afghanistan as a saving grace.

“My military career has saved me in many ways,” he said, adding: “[It] It took me out of the spotlight of the British press. I was able to focus on a goal bigger than me, to wear the same uniform as everyone else, to feel normal for the first time in my life. And accomplished some of the biggest challenges I’ve ever faced.”

In one of the lighter moments of the interview — where he goes into excruciating detail regarding his mother’s death, his family’s struggles with him marrying Markle (“American, actress, divorced, black, biracial with a black mother” are obvious issues with his family) and more — he joked: “There’s no Prince’s autopilot button you can press” when you’re in the military.

Family tensions over Markle once led him and his brother, Prince William, into a physical fight, with Prince Harry being pushed to the ground by his older brother and slashing his back. It was also shared when Queen Elizabeth II was under medical supervision at Balmoral Castle in Scotland before her Died September 8, 2022, was in London and inquired how the family planned to travel to visit. He is not invited to join them because they have boarded a plane together to see her. By the time he finds his way there on his own, he says she is already dead. He also revealed that he is not currently speaking with his brother, Prince William, or his father, King Charles.

Nearly two years ago, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex spoke with Oprah Winfrey in a 90-Minute interview, delving into the reasons behind their decision to step back from their responsibilities as working members of the royal family. Harry joined Markle midway through the interview, often refusing to comment in detail about the racism, harassment and financial retaliation they faced.


In December, the couple released a six-part Netflix documentary series that goes back to the beginning of their relationship and follows them through the complete breakdown of their relationship to family and the British public after their wedding. But nothing Prince Harry has shared on screen has matched the intensity and candor of the stories he saved her for additional.

The pages of his diary mention moments of physical confrontations with his older brother, Prince William, and verbal quarrels with Markle herself. Prince Harry also delves into his time in Afghanistan — where he says he killed 25 people while on active duty — as well as the complex personal relationship he has with Markle, William, and Kate Middleton.

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