Prince Harry’s ‘shock throw’ can ‘shock’ people: Therapist

An award-winning therapist says Prince Harry “dumping shocks widespread” — and can be a “shock” to other people who have lost a parent.

set himself up “trauma expert” Danny Graves follows the drama that erupted after the release of Harry’s controversial memoirs, “additional“And” Many shocking allegations about the “death cult” Royal family.

“Trauma dumping is a term used to describe sharing a trauma with another person without their consent,” Graves, 34, told Jam Press.

The BBC radio personality claims the Duke of Sussex could be unintentionally harming the mental health of those grieving – by exaggerating sensitive details.

“The media whirlwind that followed Harry and Meghan’s television and television interviews and the release of the Harry book can be widely seen as a shock dump,” said Graves. as one of The nine best life coaches Year 2022 by USA Today,

“The focus here should be on how many other people who have experienced the death of a parent that might be provoked.”

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, attends Sentebale Audi's Concert at Hampton Court Palace on June 11, 2019 in London, England.
A leading trauma expert claims Prince Harry could be inadvertently harming the mental health of those grieving.
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Danny Graves
Danny Greaves, 34, is a mental health expert and has been following the drama that erupted after the release of Harry’s book, ‘Spear’, regarding the royal family.
Jam Press/@maryettphotography

Graves wanted to share his thoughts on how the 38-year-old monarch affected people “who didn’t agree or want to hear this information” and that there was “no consideration” for his audience.

“It might have been prudent to give a little more caution and caution to those who are sensitive about those subjects,” he said.

However, Graves noted that the shock was not shared can To be appropriate at the right time and place.

“Sharing traumatic events in a safe and supportive setting can be an essential step in the recovery journey for many people,” he explained. “The purpose of sharing trauma is to begin to process the experience with the hope of moving toward recovery.”

Prince Harry's book is displayed at a book store on January 22, 2023 in Bath, England.
A self-proclaimed trauma expert says Prince Harry “displays trauma on a grand scale” in his memoir, Spear.
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Opening up to painful experiences is often seen as healing—but in the right context.

“With many people believing that the purpose of these trauma stories is for financial gain (whether that is the case or not), Harry has already seen his popularity plummet.”

Prince Harry has certainly fallen out of favor lately, with A.J YouGov poll Revealing that only 26% of Britons have a positive view of what he has revealed about his disturbing secrets about the royal family.

Meanwhile, the therapist believes that publishing Harry’s diary is part of a strategic PR move.

Harry is in the midst of a well-thought-out PR strategy – working to raise awareness for him documentary and his writing is possible, [which is perfectly understandable]Graves said.

“Harry’s story aligns with that audience’s primal desire to hear the story of someone who goes from tragedy to triumph.”

Diana, Princess of Wales with Prince Harry on vacation in Mallorca, Spain on August 10, 1987.
Princess Diana with Prince Harry on vacation in Mallorca, Spain on August 10, 1987.
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Although it is believed that this is all part of a publicity stunt, Graves does not deny that Prince Harry has been through a lot in his life.

“Whatever you think, he is the victim of many traumas in his life, although as a former member of the royal family, members of the public may struggle to relate to that, so his portrayal must be carefully considered and it may have been better handled by his team.”

He added, “There are advantages and disadvantages to Harry and Meghan (Markle) sharing their story, and it is up to each individual to decide, based on their past experiences, whether it is the content that can help them on their journey.”

It was recently reported that Markle, 41, had a “nice fears” She agreed to release her husband’s memoirs and wondered if this was the “right move”.

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