Quantis to join BCG to accelerate sustainable transformation

  • BCG acquires Quantis to further enhance its expertise in climate and sustainability (C&S) and its transformative capacity
  • Quantis is currently helping global companies better understand their climate, biodiversity, water, land and plastic footprints; It develops and presents customized strategies to meet the limits of the planet
  • Together, BCG and Quantis will lead the global shift toward a new planetary economy in which business gives nature a seat at the table.

Boston –The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), the leading global strategy consulting firm, has announced a deal to acquire Quantis, a leading environmental sustainability advisory firm that guides many of the world’s largest organizations on their sustainability transformation. Both parties expect to close the acquisition later this month.

Quantis was founded in 2006 and has since grown to over 250 environmental experts and transformation specialists in Europe and the United States. Global Consulting has a proven track record of implementing a science-based, systems-level approach to accelerating the sustainable business transformation of operating within the limits of the planet1. Quantis is known for leading innovative solutions to critical and diverse environmental challenges, from climate change and biodiversity loss to water scarcity, deforestation and plastic pollution. Quantis will operate as a stand-alone business unit within BCG and will maintain its brand and leadership team.

“Combining Quantis and BCG is an exciting step in enhancing our ability to help customers protect our planet and transform sustainably,” he said. Christoph Schweitzer, CEO of BCG. “Many of the CEOs I spoke with would like to take action but are looking for the kind of deep expertise our Qantes team provides to solve their complex problems. I am proud to welcome this ingenious and passionate team to BCG.”

“Combining Boston Consulting Group’s (BCG) extensive industry knowledge and transformational capacity with Quantes’ deep scientific expertise and solid reputation for sustainability will create an unstoppable force to drive the shift from business as usual to business in the His best condition.” “The stakes for our planet have never been greater. This transaction will enable us to take a decisive leap towards realizing our vision of a new global economy. I am also pleased with the opportunities it will provide for the Minions to raise their profile and grow professionally. The union with BCG will enable us to rapidly track the sustainable transformation that is driving it. The science that Quantis has consistently adhered to since our inception.”

“In the face of pressing environmental challenges, we continue to invest boldly in our climate and sustainability market leadership,” Schweitzer said. “In addition to strengthening BCG through the acquisition of Quantis, we plan to hire thousands of climate and sustainability experts over the coming years and continue to expand our network of partners.”

BCG was recently announced as Exclusive Consulting Partner of COP27, which was held in Egypt in November, and offers analytical capabilities and industry insights from his extensive experience in helping businesses, governments and multilateral organizations accelerate their climate and sustainability journey. BCG’s support for COP27 complements its long-standing support for the global climate agenda through partnerships with the World Economic Forum, the United Nations High-Level Champions for Climate Change, successive COP Presidencies, SBTi (Science Objectives Initiative), CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), Energy Breakthrough Catalyst, The First Movers Alliance.

Media contact:
BCG: Brian Bannister, +44 7919 393753, bannister.brian@bcg.com
Quantis: Joanna Steves, +33 6 58 65 02 66, johanna.steves@quantis-intl.com

1. The concept of planetary boundaries was developed by the Stockholm Resilience Center to define the ecological limits of human activities across key dimensions of climate change, biosphere integrity, land system change, biogeochemical fluxes, and freshwater or “green water”.

About Quantis

Quantis is a global sustainability consultancy pioneering an approach to solving critical environmental challenges. The group collaborates with leading organizations that are serious about reducing their environmental footprint to future-proof their business and thrive in a new global economy. Quantis’ unique approach combines deep environmental expertise, strategic business knowledge, and enterprise transformation skills to help organizations shape policies, practices, and business models that align with the capacity of the planet while building resilience, unleashing innovation and improving performance.

With offices in the United States, France, Switzerland, Germany and Italy, and clients around the world, Quantis is a key partner in inspiring sustainable change on a global scale.

Discover Quantes V www.quantis.com

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