Ranking NFL offensive coordinator slots from best to worst

with the NFL The recruitment cycle is in full swing, five teams have launched searches for their next coach. Meanwhile, eight teams have retained their head coaches but are making offensive coordinator changes.

the Baltimore CrowsAnd Los Angeles ChargersAnd Los Angeles RamsAnd New England PatriotsAnd New York JetsAnd Tampa Bay BuccaneersAnd Tennessee Titans And Washington leaders Everyone started interviewing candidates for these job vacancies. Obviously, this number will increase Denver BroncosAnd Arizona CardinalsAnd Carolina PanthersAnd Houston Tx And Indianapolis Colts Fill their head coach slots. It is possible that some qualifying teams will make changes in this section as well.

The offensive coordinator is one of the highest assisting positions in the league and is often the go-to for head coaching careers because the job requires a hands-on approach with the quarterback and he is often the driving force behind offensive production in this heavy league. .

However, not all offensive coordinator jobs are created equal. The resources, support, and creative freedoms vary, which means the chances of success vary, too.

So which teams in the OCs market (or soon to be) have the most to offer? What is the most attractive job?

How the openings stack up from best to worst:

1. Chargers

Most NFL coaches see this as the first opening. The new OC is working with an indisputable young star starting quarterback Justin Herbert, who actually only earned Pro Bowl honors for three seasons. The coordinator also inherits a unit that features talented wide receivers Mike Williams And Keenan Allenand the talented run backwards Austin Eckler. With those building blocks already in place, the chance of success seems high.


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2. Rams

With the return of Sean McVay, continuity is ensured, and the coordinator works with him Matthew Stafford (second best player on the field), cooper cup And other talented bits. More than anything, this is an opportunity to work with one of the brightest young coaches in the league and get on the master coaching path. This position served as a starting point for former senior offensive linemen Matt Lafleur, Zack Taylor and Kevin O’Connell. The only drawback for some is that McVay acts as its own play communicator. However, that hasn’t stopped teams from passing on their OCs in hopes of replicating McVay’s success. So if you’re an offensive youngster with head coaching aspirations, you’re taking this opportunity to understand that getting McVay cologne outweighs the chance of calling plays.

3. Hacker

The Bucs seem destined for a quarterback restart, with Tom Brady It seems moving. But the attractive elements remain, including the widescreen Mike Evans And Chris Goodwinand turn back White Rashad. Seasoned veteran strikers are returning, although they haven’t performed as well this season. Maybe another offensive coordinator can get more of them while instilling more balance. The fixed salary cap (which means imminent roster purges) and the ambiguity of the quarterback raise questions about the position. But some around the league expect the Bucs to try another aggressive move for a talented veteran if Brady leaves (Derek Carr, Maybe). Going this route rather than rolling the dice with a bystander or an unproven handyman can make this job more promising.


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4. Crows

This could be a very attractive job Lamar Jackson The hub or party with shaky horizons remains without it. Because of this degree of uncertainty and how dependent the Crows are on Jackson, we put them in fourth place, although this could theoretically rank higher. Ravens GM Eric DeCosta and coach John Harbaugh Both said Thursday Jackson would have input in the appointment New attack coordinator Free agency drafting and plans. So, at least they act like he’s going to stay in Baltimore. One concern: There aren’t a lot of top-flight-compatible guns out there Mark Andrews. Jackson raises everyone’s game and makes this team a consistent contender. But he needs more around him.

5. Leaders

If we’re just going to lay off employees, that’s a curious job. The offensive coordinator inherits three talented talents (Terry McLaurinAnd Curtis Samuel And Jahan Dotson), tight solid end at Logan Thomas and a promising comeback in Brian Robinson Jr. Despite the lack of stability as a quarterback, Washington still flirted with a playoff pitch. But the The uncertainty that grips the franchise It makes this job less attractive. There are questions about the next quarterback. Really Sam Howell Or a veteran who’s currently on another list? Ron Rivera is entering the fourth year, but with the sale expected soon, it’s not possible to tell if the next offensive coordinator will sign up for a one-and-done job. A new owner can clean the house if the 2023 campaign proves unsatisfactory.


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6. Patriots

The opportunity to work with Bill Belichick makes this job attractive. His teams are always competitive, which also means that eyeballs are always on his assistants and their bodies are at work. Belchik was not given Mac Jones Glowing review when asked about the future of the sophomore pro. However, the team has at least one young passer who has shown some promise. There are questions about the rest of the offensive personnel, as well as questions about how much freedom the future Hall of Fame coach gives his coordinator. But then again, because the Patriots always beat the competition, this seems like a promising business.

7. Panthers

The opportunity to come in, help pick a quarterback with a high draft pick and build an offense around him makes this a point Attractive opportunity. But if someone is looking to come in and thrive right away and put themselves through a head coaching job, this isn’t the right project for them. The Panthers already have a solid talent as a running back and wide receiver, and a decent offensive streak. But equipping the midfielder while adding more playmakers would be practical. The good thing about that? The coordinator will not have to deal with the stress that comes with a team that is in winning mode now.

Mike Vrabel will be with the Titans in 2023. But what about QB Ryan Tannehill? (Christopher Hanwinkel / USA Today)

8. Titans

This work presents conflicting feelings. On the other hand, Mike Vrabel’s teams are characterized by constant rivalry, and the SAFF is not the strongest, so everyone helps in terms of stability and the opportunity to prove themselves. But…and they’re a great couple: Tennessee has quarterback questions. Will Ryan Tannehill return? he Malik Willis Ready to take charge? or he Joshua Dobbs? The Titans have a solid running game, but how many great years they have Derek Henry Left? Do you like young wide receivers who flash at times but also stay out of order? This party may not be as good as it looks on the surface.


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9. Cardinals

Kyler Murray It appears to perform poorly on stretches, and has durability issues. But when he’s healthy, he’s a special talent, as are wide receivers DeAndre Hopkins And Marquis Brown. James Conner He is also a reliable running back, so the building blocks are in place for a successful offensive attack. But, again, the inconsistencies and questions Murray raises about his leadership abilities make some pause.

10. Bronco

that Russell Wilson appear in 2023? The one who’s seemed like a shell to himself for most of the past year, or the older, still effective, version of the versatile field general we’ve seen in Seattle for a decade? Wilson looked a little better after the Broncos fired Nathaniel Hackett, so maybe it was just a bad bout. Overall, the Broncos have a solid roster, wide receivers Jerry Goody And Courtland Sutton They are really impact players, and Denver’s defense provides good support. So the opportunity for a rapid turnaround appears to be there if Wilson had enough left in the tank to bounce back.


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11. Texas

Houston has a lot of excellent start-up capital. The Texans will draft one of their best quarterbacks, and they’ll use other top picks to surround that passer with talent to grow on the side. But this is a poorly run organization by owners who have shown they have no concept of patience or loyalty. After successive head coaches, any potential candidate will have to think long and hard about signing.

12. Airplanes

Pros: 1) An energetic, sharp defensive coach willing to let his offensive coordinator run that side of the ball. 2) promising young people like Bryce Hall And Garrett Wilson. 3) Good defense support. … Negatives: Uncertainty about the quarterback position And the future of coach Robert Saleh in the long run. Zack Wilsonthe second pick of the 2021 draft, looks like a bust. Mike White Sounds like a placeholder rather than an answer. So unless the Jets go out and bring someone like Carr or Brady, a potential offensive coordinator might work with the scraps or with another rookie. And if things don’t pan out for and general manager Joe Douglas in 2023, the Jets OC will likely sign up for a short-term deal.

13. Ponies

They don’t really know who their quarterback is. They do not know Who is their head coach?. Their offensive line is not the strength of the roster it used to be. they already have Jonathan Taylor. And they have Michael Bateman Jr But there are a lot of questions, which makes it hard to pick this job over others.

(Top photo of Chargers QB Justin Herbert: Courtney Culbreath/Getty Images)

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