Samsung products may soon offer telehealth

Last week, the famous consumer electronics and digital technology company, Samsung, announce New partnership with IntelliTek Health, a company that has developed a patient-centered virtual assistant.

The goal of the partnership is to use artificial intelligence technology and digital voice assistance to enable healthcare providers to deploy their services through Samsung products. IntelliTek Health’s Personal Virtual Assistant (PVA) platform is its convenience product that supports robust care delivery.

“PVA is the leading technology for addressing post-discharge care for caregivers and patients. Each year, approximately 36 million discharges occur through the health care system in the United States, with The majority of patients who are left on their own to deal with their care journey after discharge from the hospital […] Our collaboration with Samsung will help us address the significant health disparity in this space with Samsung Mobile Solutions and connectivity that provides simple, personalized medical communication and instruction between patients and their care teams in the critical window after leaving the hospital. “

Samsung is not new to healthcare landscape. The company has its own revolutionary range of healthcare products, particularly known for its cutting-edge work in imaging and diagnostics. Moreover, the company also owns a well-known medical center in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, which provides key services to the community and constitutes a large part of the local healthcare infrastructure.

Many of its technology projects in healthcare are inspired by problems the company sees first-hand through its patient care journeys. Trevor Smith, Head of Business Development, Samsung Healthcare, commented: “Samsung’s collaboration with IntelliTek Health reinforces our ongoing commitment to delivering accurate digital solutions from touch points, to support innovation in the telepatient care coordination sector. Our combined expertise and resources will allow us to develop meaningful solutions To enhance patient outcomes, improve clinical workflow and enable more cost-effective care.”

In the right vein and with time, Samsung may soon be able to roll out PVA across its device ecosystem, including its line of Very advanced televisions, which is currently among the best selling television sets in the United States. This could open up a whole new level of customer reach and reach.

Ultimately, home healthcare solutions have been at the forefront of interest and investment in recent years. In terms of sheer convenience, delivering healthcare in the comfort of a patient’s home is seen as an incredibly worthwhile endeavor, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition, this new venture into health care delivery may address important care access issues. Enabling patients to communicate with doctors soon after they are discharged home may provide a means by which they can stay in close contact with their care teams, and thus closely monitor their symptoms and post-discharge condition.

In this way, such important partnerships solve a very real problem of continuity of care: healthcare no longer has to end once a patient leaves the hospital, but can involve an ecosystem conducive to continuous touchpoints and progress checks.

Indeed, this partnership and many other technology projects underway to enable telehealth solutions and in-home healthcare services may define the future of healthcare delivery: one that moves away from seeing healthcare tied to a physical location, instead. , which creates an ecosystem that follows the patient.

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