Sandra Cisneros feels the love of the universe

When Sandra Cisneros talks about romance, writing and faith via Zoom from her bright home in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, she discusses her poetry but also references Peanuts. In the tape, Lucy complains about not finding love while ignoring Snoopy’s embrace. Almost on cue, Cisneros then got a face lick from Nahui Olin, a half Chihuahua/half bald Mexican (her three other dogs were too fussy to participate in an interview).

“If we had some kind of antenna like the poet, you’d see that you get all that love all the time but you’re just looking in the wrong places,” Cisneros said enthusiastically. “Here’s the thing — you don’t have to go to a dating app or tape, it’s all around you, and it’s so beautiful, that’s what I’m trying to write about, this celebration of love for the universe.”

This belief forms the form of Cisneros shameless woman (Knopf), her first book of poetry in 28 years. Since her poetry collection in 1994, loose womanShe was busy writing many short stories, articles and novels Caramel. These books reflect her family’s migration from Mexico to Chicago and her own transnational travels culminating in her relocation to her ancestral home in 2013. She is also working on an opera version of her landmark youth novel about growing up in Humboldt Park, The house is on Mango Street.

Through it all, Cisneros has remained committed to poetry, just as she did when she worked on her early little book in the 1970s. She just wanted to keep these modern poems to herself. Then a few close ones saw them and told they were complete.

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