Saving lives, goals make Franklin’s Grace Gallo an adrenaline junkie

Always in uniform.

One for hospital, ambulance, stadium. Light blue peeler and dark blue EMT threads to save lives; Purple and white for slide processing.

The week before Labor Day bore the bountiful fruits of Grace Gallo’s tireless work. August 29: Resuscitation of a 7-year-old who does not respond; 3-4 September: Return to the field after a year’s absence and Win conference prizes.

Franklin Grace Gallo is a lieutenant in the St. Michael's Fire and Rescue Department in Colchester, Vermont.

Work and football dominate the lives of seniors at St Michael’s College. Somehow, there is time for school and sleep.

“It’s definitely a crazy schedule between football and the ambulance,” said the Franklin High School graduate.

This telephone quote from Colchester, Vermont, occurred on September 2, when Gallo described the previous 24 hours.

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