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Global companies are starting to invest in artificial intelligence (AI) and on-premises edge servers to adapt to the changing retail landscape. Retailers are constantly looking to reinvent the in-store customer experience to increase their flexibility and advance themselves in the industry.

Edge computing is quickly becoming essential for retailers when it comes to accelerating digital transformation – the benefits of edge computing are proven to transform the customer experience. By bringing computing power closer to the data source, there will be minimal latency and reduced risk in operations. With consumer demands constantly changing, a customer-centric approach will be required to drive personalized interactions across their stores that their customers will not forget.

Schneider Electric has anticipated the future of retail, along with industry trends that have powered Edge technologies. The global energy management and automation specialist has developed a cutting-edge solution to enhance the customer experience in brick-and-mortar stores and increase the shopping channels available to their customers. By adopting cutting-edge technologies, retailers can expand their customer base through online channels and focus on the digital experience of their customers.

Schneider Electric launches the new mySchneider IT Partner Program
Schneider Electric emphasizes the importance of managed services in edge computing

“The retail industry faces complex challenges ahead, and our cutting-edge technologies aim to drive operational efficiency with the understanding that space is the best,” said Abraham Lim, Director, Secure Power at Schneider Electric Philippines. “Spaces need to be designed optimally because it affects the way customers behave in stores along with how they interact with their products.”

EcoStruxure Small Data Center

The EcoStruxure Micro Data Center 6U wall mount ensures large servers and networking equipment are strategically placed in non-IT environments such as retail spaces to support critical business operations. Schneider Electric’s R-Series Small Data Center series also boasts additional features such as active cooling, enhanced filtration and security for data centers in the most severe environments. There is nothing worse than losing a customer due to a network failure in the point of sale systems and this data center ensures that the systems in store are always up and running.

Retailers need to constantly innovate and use in-store technologies to deliver high levels of customer service. Artificial intelligence and machine learning allow it to address customer concerns by giving store employees access to updated data. EcoStruxure IT by Schneider Electric leverages industry standards and analytics to quickly deliver high-quality service. A streamlined IT infrastructure that matches the store aesthetic allows retailers to sell an immersive brand experience. They can monitor cutting-edge software remotely while increasing their operational savings as they do not have to obtain maintenance or repair services. This edge computing solution offers multiple ways in which technologies can be harnessed to deliver personalized and effective product recommendations that add to the rapid response capabilities of the store.

Industrial automation

Schneider Electric has also partnered with AVEVA, the world leader in industrial automation software, and other leading brands to simplify the deployment of Edge technologies. With the expertise of its partners, Schneider Electric has successfully reduced field engineering and maintenance costs through its prefabricated designs.

Schneider Electric also created the Local Edge Configurator to give system integrators access to tools that provide validated solutions in theory.

Schneider Electric Exchange provides technical resources through APIs and datasets. Users can search for experts in different fields to solve specific customer problems within the platform. This exchange also connects users with the right partners to expand their business through a question and advice forum.

“Organizations can benefit greatly from building a data-driven culture. Schneider Electric has leveraged IT equipment and operational data obtained from our business systems to meet customer requirements across various industries.”

Schneider Electric understands the investments and infrastructure development required to achieve competitive advantage in the retail sector. Achieving operational efficiency requires real-time insights from AI technologies, algorithms, and sensors. With many industries shifting toward edge computing, Schneider Electric is committed to helping lead these industries into the future. Through its strategic partnerships, Schneider Electric has developed edge solutions that will accommodate the specific nature of an individual’s business, as well as allow companies to optimize costs and create sustainable infrastructures.

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